A Day of Hunting


Rusty was an old man who’s favorite thing in the world was to hunt. He had a long beard and he was usually wearing a cap. He spent most nights at a bar named The Tavern drinking beer with his three lifelong friends Barry, Larry and Harry. Barry was a fat man with no hair left in his head or face except for a thick white moustache, Larry was a skinny bartender who worked at The Tavern and Harry was a superstitious redhead. One night they were all hanging out at the bar after Larry’s shift ended. Rusty started telling his friends that he was leaving early on the morning to go hunting. “I don’t even know why you go; you rarely hunt anything. It’s been what? Three years?” Asked Barry. “At least be sure to wear the same underwear, it’s good luck for hunters.” Said Harry. “Hunting is about patience, my friends. I’ll hunt something this time, you’ll see. I’m prepared to shoot whatever crosses my path” Rusty replied. “Any animal that crosses your path? “Asked Larry. “You must have compassion for at least one kind of animal.” Rusty laughed. “Oh Larry, I don’t think there is one. I would hunt anything, and if I don’t it’s because not all animals can be hunted. I mean, we are not allowed to hunt them all”. “Well, just watch out for white deer, it’s bad luck to hunt them.” Said Harry. Everyone rolled their eyes at him.


The next morning Rusty went to the woods, installed his camping tent and went walking with his rifle in his hand. After a long day of looking out for any animal he could find he decided to go back to his tent, light a fire and open a beer. It was a very quiet night; you could almost hear the silence. He was struggling to keep his eyes opened and suddenly he fell asleep. The next time he opened his eyes, there was a bear sitting at the other side of the fire. Rusty could feel his heart beating rapidly. He didn’t move, he just sat there looking at the bear. The bear just sat there calmly and seemed to be enjoying the fire. Then the bear stood up and started to smell everywhere, as if it was searching for something. All that Rusty could think about was that at least he was going to die doing what he loved. But suddenly, the bear did the unexpected. He grabbed two beers, left one near Rusty and returned to where he was sitting. Rusty couldn’t believe what was happening, but decided to go along. He opened the beer and they both started to drink by the fire. After a long time sitting there, Rusty decided to talk. “It’s a lovely night, isn’t it?” and the bear answered with a grunt.

After that, Rusty woke up. “Of course it was just a dream, I thought I was losing my mind” Rusty thought to himself and laughed out loud. He got up, had some breakfast, took his rifle and went hunting again. After a few hours of looking, there it was. He spotted a big brown bear not too far. He pointed his rifle at it, took a few breaths, put down the rifle and said out loud “Not you my friend, not you” and walked away.

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Gingko, Diet Of Worms, Ribcage In Hospital

Poem Strings
-saiom shriver-


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They saw they thought
in April woods
the blooming light
of a spring dogwood
but it was
last year's translucent
gold leaves
glowing on
a gingko tree.



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One heard of The Diet of Worms
and thought of robins
swallowing whole
beings who squirm
of the papal attempt
to arrest Martin Luther
on which Pope Leo X stood firm.



The Lutheran Church has asked

forgiveness for Luther’s

virulent Judaophobic writing. That

was not the reason for the attempt

to arrest him.



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a vision of a woman

in the hospital…

a live bird trying

to escape her rib


was it the soul

trying to leave the body…

or the sickness caused

by eating a chicken?




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The woods are ablaze

brown and gold colors merging

seasons changing.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Toben im wald

unter den hohen eichen

suche nach abdach.


Romping in the woods

amoung the lofty oak trees

looking for shelter

(c) copyright heather burns

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