*Broken Wings*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

As the land beneath me disappears 
And all that is left is space 
I start to ask myself if anyone really cares 
I cant help but to beat myself at my own race

Its not that the pain 
Hurts deep inside 
Its not because I'm just ordinary and plain 
I mean i have nothing sinful to hide

I just would like people to see 
That i need healing 
From all the memories that haunt behind me 
From someone loving i just want to experience that tender feeling
I don't want to remain as i be 
I want to start in "believing"

I want to know how to fly 
Escape these Broken wings 
That i have had for so long 
No more tears i want to cry 
I want to be happy and strong 
I want to enjoy the bird as she sings

I want to get through the past 
Be able to look onto the future 
I want a love that will last 
I don't want to feel the pain of a broken wing 
I don't want the pain of a broken heart 
I want to move on and be happy again 
My pain full past from it i want to part 
I want this pain to be a "finally ending" thing 
And for God to bring me that angel he's suppose to send 
A everlasting love he's suppose to bring

To protect me as I'm on my way 
To guide me through the dark to the light 
To wake up fresh everyday 
To always be cheery and bright

I no longer want to be bothered by a broken wing 
I want to be free to fly 
I want a silver protecting ring 
I no longer want to cry 
Out loud i want to sing 
I no longer want to Die


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