one another

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 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Where to begin where to end 

When to say when how to win

My love is all I want to send

To be with you 

To hold your hand 

To really know you is to know

To take a stand

To be a friend 

To say hello good-bye good day goodnight 

To tell the one you love 

What a sight 

To forgive after a fight 

Finding bad news 

Holding eachother while taking a snooze

Taking care of each others heart 

Saying you love 

Trying not to fall apart

Promising people won't shove

A perfect fit as tight as a glove

Missing each other 

Kissing one another 

Always tell the truth

No matter how scared you may be

If your love is true

You'll understand you'll see

I can't wait till that day you look up at me 

While your on one knee

When I met you 

My skies they turned blue

Baby you're the one for me 

Don't ask how I just know

So please don't set me free




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may change it a little. I don't know yet. What do you think?

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*I Hope You Can See*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Darling I hope you can see

We are perfectly matched

We are meant to be

A rare love here is hatched


We are meant to take care of each other

Protect from evil protect from harm

Promise our hearts won't be stolen from one another 

You are my lucky charm


I hope you can see

We help each other defeat our fear

We help our hearts bleed

I miss you when you are not here

Your touch to comfort me is what I need 

Wondering if your thinking of me 

When you are away

Wishing this wrong in my head 

Would leave for another day

Wishing this ache from me would be free


I hope you can see

On how much and how deeply I love you

I hope everything I say you believe

Praying your not interested in someone else

Please tell me it isn't true


No one else will understand

How inside your mind

Constant love is in demand

And that your one of a kind

And at times you need me to hold your hand 

No one else but me can do this for you 

Next to you is where I stand

Someone so true 


I don't know what else to say

But to keep this love strong

Anything that'll help I'll do

Being together isn't at all wrong

I want to keep me within your heart another day

And let you know my love is 100% true 

We won't have it any other way