The girl that i see!

         the girl that i see 2015



I look in the mirror every morning and see

a stranger standing there staring back at me

thinking back into her past of un-wanted pain

see's the unshed tears on her cheeks again

the doors in her mind are closed and locked

from the little girl who's childhood was mocked

she knew that her innocence was never meant to be

her reflection shows anguish from the girl that i see

she buried those nightmares inside that locked door

with past demons she doesn't want to see any more

she wonders what if i unlock all those ghosts

but wont ever do that for fear she'll be toast

those things all locked up forever will be

unspoken memories from the girl that i see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem tells of my want to move forward and not look back into the past, is something i have struggled with for so long now but im still a work in progress...




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Nice mirror story, Zcup'

Nice mirror story, Zcup'


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Mirror story

 Thank you Deepinyourdreams, i felt the need to write about this because i am trying to put the past away behind that locked door and keep it there, it took me 3 years to be able to write about this poem because i just couldnt let go of everything my ex-husband did to me, and i was ready to write about it, to me when i write a poem about my past it means im ready to put the past behind me, just like the poem i wrote called " how can abuse be love " that was my past and i had to get past that also, i have also been working on a poem about my mom and this one is 15 years in the making she died 1999 and i have had a hard time writing this one, its the only poem i have that has taking so long to write, its diffecult to write about my mom cuz she was my hero, thanks again deepinyourdreams.