*To Look Through A Birds Eyes*

Trisha M Barrek  Hopkins

To look through a birds eye 
A glorious sight it has to be 
All the people it sees as it flies by
I'' always wonder what they see

I try to be in a birds webbed feet 
To meet the people and animals they met
I think it would be awesome and neat
It's like they already have their life planned...all set

They get to travel all over the world 
Without paying a fee
Meet new faces
Sometimes when I see them up there I wish it were me 
To see a great distance...new places


To look through a birds eyes
The freedom they have I can never get 
I just want to learn how to fly
It would be wonderful I bet
To look through a birds eyes
Would be a blessing in disguise


To look through a birds eyes
Would be definitely a blessing come true 
I want to experience the feeling....just one try
I want to be surrounded by the skies crystal blue



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