*One More Day*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I pray to God above

Just for one more day everyday with you

For I am blessed with the love

Sent by the one that's true


Sometimes I'm left with nothing to say

Because I no longer can find the words

I am thankful to have found someone

To take care of me and to repair my heart

To enjoy each days fun

It's like my wish come true

Right from the start


When I wished on that lucky star

Let God be my witness

My days when I'm with you 

From my heart you're not far

My life is no longer blue


My heart sings of joy and happiness

To beable to spend one more day

To be by your side

Through our ups and downs

For our tears when we cried

For when we asked for forgiveness

And when we wore so many frowns

For when we made up after sadness

I thank the lord above for our happiness


It would mean the world to me 

To just have one more day 

Before I have to set you free

Just that one more day makes a difference

To have a special day to be 

A great romance

God didn't take you from me 

I get to have my one more day 

My love for you God made me see

I'll always love you is what i have to say



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may change this a bit im just having writers block right now 

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