Inspired by CHAR


I'm sorry you decided to stop loving me

I'm lost and alone,  without your company. 

I miss seeing your face,  and the smile you wear

I miss saying I love you,  because your not there.

You've chose to act,  as If I were dead

I just can't get you,  out of my head. 

I flash back on things,  you and I have done... 

Remember our road trips?  Boy they were fun! 

I remember too how I'd feel after we kiss... 

That momentary rush...  Then that feeling of bliss. 

I miss laying beside you, in bed, after dark.

You'd listen to me, as I talked and talked ..

I miss seeing the way,  you'd look at me

I miss the feeling of love,  others could see. 


I hope where ever you are,  you're happy and well

As for me,  I'm living  next door to hell. 

Do you miss me,  am I even a thought?  

Am I just a bad memory, you wish you'd forgot? 

What happened to us,  where did it go wrong? 

When did our love,  become a sad country song? 

The thing I miss most,  about you and I

and this is the truth, I've no reason to lie.

What I miss most, since we came to an end... 

Is...  I miss you...  Being my best friend! 

I could tell you my secrets,  and yes too my fears. 

And you would tell me yours,  even if they brought tears. 

What happen to us, we're we not worth the time? 

Why didn't we see,  we're we both blind"

Was it something I did,  was it something I said

Why couldn't you tell me what was going on in your head? 

Gawd how I miss you,  every second of each day

Why couldn't I figure out,  a way for you to stay?

I hope you think about me,  and smile when you do.. 

Because then you'll remember,  that I'm in love with you!!!


Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney ©02/012/2018


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the woman I thought would be my last love

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