Sweet Nyarlathotep, when our love is never done;

Appearing to me when I did call.

Please tell me you never be gone,

Don't break my heart at all...


These fearful nightmares,

The road to terror and beyond.

Loving your most precious words,

That made us twain, that made us One.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts about Nyarlathotep.

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Just one chance

Just one chance

Just one chance to prove you wrong
Just on minute to show you I'm strong
Just one hour to let me breathe
Just one tiny chance To show what I can be
Just one day I'll show you
You'll see
What I can be
I'll blast off to the moon
And fuck with the stars
Leave all of you that I proved wrong
In the dust Till yall can't see
I'll make it to the top
You'll see .

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20 Years (Forever, My Mother)

For my first taste of air. For my first chance to cry. A pain i can't compare. You felt through the night. So red, so fragile. So small, so cold. You held me in your arms not wanting to let go

Too young to keep track. Of the time flying by. But a dream has been shattered. Right before your very eyes. The man who's supposed to love. To cherish and to care. Left you brokenhearted. He left you in despair.

Wounded, broken and bruised. You were scarred for life. But strong did you stood. For your two innocent child. Weeks turned to months. And months turned to years. Never stopped breaking her back. All in the name of her children.

As you grew weary and older. Watching us grow became your only pleasure. Somedays your eyes filled with tears. Some of joy and some of dissapointment. But not a second gone by. Has your love for us waiver. Still remember the day you said, 'my sons, you are my only treasure'.

But fate is what they call it. The inevitable happened much too soon. They tell me to accept it. That God loves her more then we do. As we stood there watching. Dirt piling up. I know she will live forever. Always alive in my heart.

20 years was all i had. To spent with the one woman. Who have never stopped loving me. Even in my darkest moment. 20 years was all i was given. Was all that i was granted. To be with my one true love. Forever, my mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a little something i wrote about my late mother. it's been 3 years but i've never stop missing her.

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At Least One

At least one of us gets to be happy I guess
One of us always seems to get happiness
That’s not the problem I have here
The problem I have is this ever growing fear
That the one who gets happiness will never be me
Once second we re in love the next you’re taken away from me
Found happiness with someone else
And I m left alone
Like a used rag doll on the shelf
They say everyone supposed to find someone
I guess this time it was your turn
And again my heart comes undone
I am just sitting here hoping that after a while
Of all this pain that comes
With trial after trial
That my heart will be torn to the point
That I cant put it back together again
Then I ll never have to deal with the pain within
I won’t blame you I can’t blame you
But I do feel like a fool
For thinkin I could ever satisfy you
Cuz it always seems like being my best
Is never enough to impress
Anyone anywhere anyhow
Why I even try anymore I just don’t know
For all this pain I got nothing to show
I m sure you don’t wanna hear this now
I ll make sure you never will
Wont take away from what you have now
Just gotta express this for myself
For the sake of my sanity
I just wish you and me could be
but it cant be
cuz I couldn’t make you happy
guess it means I don’t deserve happiness
cuz this time it was at least one
at least one
that can be loved
at least one that finds love
at least one
that can be free
at least one
that can be happy
I m just sayin that its to bad
That the one can never be me

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"One step foward, one step back"

My heart races.
My mind is a blurr.
I cant help, but keep thinking of her.
I run around in a maze and cant seem to get this to go the right way.
I listen for that faint sound of her voice.
I run and there she is.
If beauty stood still for a second.
I take one step foward she takes one step back.
I look, I ponder, I study her.
I take another step she takes one step back.
I look, I ponder again.
I take one step back she takes 2 steps foward.
Shes in my arms.
I stare into her eyes I wonder what they think I wonder what pain she is in.
Can I fix that?
Can I take on the challenge?

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Untitled (for now)

The Lost One

We were kids, we laughed and even cried
I grew up, saw the world
She didn't, then we both died

The lives we lived in between that
Were very opposite indeed
But, that feeling remained intact

Seen many places and people, having one thought
Where is the one, my only one
And realized it was she, who I sought

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress.

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