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Inclement Weather Upon Us








Inclement Weather Upon Us





There was this doom
science calls an
"Amospheric river".



But I've seen a
different scenario,
during a time
of this type of weather

on my own,



clouds, low-lying

which happened
just right after
my own mourning—



That's the time
when I learned about

that [someone have said]
does not exist in your
modern society



—I violently disagreed
due to their ignorance:
like no such a squall wind


is ever-so-significant


without 'spiritual discernment',



(truth be told),

the numbed person can be
wearier than those lying
sickly in their deathbeds

and getting old.








We Hear the Time

We hear the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the truth is unveiled.

We see the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the light shines upon us.

We smell the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the earth is awakened.

We taste the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the false collapses.

We touch the time with the hands sublime
And the hearts like the sacred lotus.

We feel the time with the light divine
Bursting forth from the depths of despair.

We shout the time when the planets align
Like the sun with its sparkling hair.

We dance the time when the music rhymes
And we set forth where no one dared.

We breathe the time with our bodies supine,
Breathing in the transcendent air.

We speak the time with the language enshrined
In the nebulae debonair.

While the voices scream and the mystics dream
To the minds that are unaware

Of the time that in now, of the beauty within
That the surface things have concealed.

Yes, the time has arrived--beautiful time--
That the prophecies have revealed.

June 22, 2012

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             INTEND   UH – OH!   

                                       Edward  Iacona



If one wants to improve their life

There is no need to grouse or curse

All one needs to do is harness,

The power of the universe.


Be in on the public secret

And have your star on the ascension,

Just master the mysterious magic

Of “Attraction” and “Intention”.


There are books and seminars

That will help get what you want.

Follow the instructions and your life

Becomes like a buffet restaurant.


According to the advocates

There is nothing that encumbers

One from getting a parking space

To the winning lottery numbers.


Those that professionally preach this thought

Can live in the land of milk and honey

While their followers intentions may come to naught

They have found their secret to making money.


I walked in meditation for a lovely life

So clear in my minds eye view,

When dog’s biodegradable offense became

A metaphor attracted to my shoe.

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