last days

Before the rise of the morning sun

Blistering sunbeams made breathing sweltering

being in an underground bunker no side entrances allowed to be opened

purified air was not approved until seven in the new evening I in my mind 

wondered why ?

this was not the promise made six months ago by the new ones in charge.

I realize my thinking of this living world had been so foolish in the wait

It was a good thing i had planned back before the power grid was not everj

going to work again in this life


I had to make contact with my children right away,

each one knew something was going on in what was left

of the former life.


I had an old cell phone to connect to them

but I had to wait until night time when everyone was in the fresh air

break for an hour.


I was able to get inside an old phone booth still insulated from the old blast.


Randy answered on the first ring mom where are you ? I told him Im fine.

Now listen to me son and tell your sister too to get out of the house tonight 

with your children and hers. Tell her I said it was life if you left or your deaths if you

stayed there


I told them to meet me at the old mill place five miles into the woods

and ten miles where the fishing pond was located.


Randy I said tell her this is the end of days I was telling you and your sister about.

Tell her and her husband too not to take the mark. I know its hard but if they do 

they will never see God.

Tell your sister to pack all the food flashlights and candles

she can get into her car. Tell her husband just belevie what Im saying is the truth.


Son tell your children thier mother to come and pack food blankets heaters and clothing.

Bring your bible. This will explain the last days whats coming next and some decisions you all have to make

in the coming times.


Randy hung up told his kids to get moving no questions asked . Tara wanted to wait for more time. Randy told her

I called and to them to get out of the house or life would end for them. Randy yelled lets go why would Mom lie about this tara?

You have made no effort to contact mom.

Mom has nothing to lose by telling us the truth. You and I did not listen to her.

Its happening now ,Mom told me where we should meet her at a safe place. We have to move now.


Two hours later we were all there packages being put away in the hollowed cave. Cars were parked on the side of the cave

not seen from the outside . I walked over to my family said I am glad you are all here. I have missed you all. Listen to me

please  Tara and Randy these are the last days. The mark has been told to be placed on everyone that has not gotten it yet.


If you do you will lose your soul and never see God. Tara we need to work together to survive these last years.

I need you to help me fix up the storage site with all of the supplies you brought. All the rest have to go into the sleeping spaces I made in the last two years.

Randy and your Randy need to secure everything around this place. The kids will stay with all of us nor be away from us at anytime.

Before we do lets pray first Father I thank you for your words of ringing true. I thank you for your love mercy joy bestowed upon us this day. Father let hearts be mended for ever. Let salvation truly come to this household today. Father I ask for Godly wisdom, knowledge and discernment in the days to come.

May your coming be like a light signing in the darkest hour.


We love you and welcome you in our lives forever in Jesus name amen.

Lets go get this complete before the rise of the morning sun.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my children

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Something are lost
Something are found
Somethings Perish
Somethings apear
Somthings greater than others
Somthings soo small and tiny
From Dusk to Dawn I am searching
searching for answers
Answers to questens
That have messed my mind
answers to questens No one knows
no one but me
Even in the dullest of days
sharpest nights
Fear stricks me on these answers
But why to These extreames i must go
To find these answers
to put my mind to rest
to soothe my soul
to let me sleep
Something are lost
Something are found
Somethings Perish
Somethings apear
Somthings greater than others
Somthings soo small and tiny

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just somthing i wrote in my free time :P

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Songs From the End of the World

The End of the World
Is far, far away.

But believe you me,
The people there are just the same.
They laugh and cry, etcetera,
And yes, there is even tea,
Which you can drink to Byron’s memory
Opposite the blue armoury,
On tiled wooden tables lightly flowered,
Staring into American eyes.

You can walk through those lean streets,
Ride the ascensors;
A pair of rainbow eyes.
But I’d still rather look into my Watson’s.

At The End of the World,
Lie the Hills of Paradise.
Not that they are really Paradise,
It’s just that, to me, they seemed to be;
Walking through those lean streets,
At the house that Cochrane built,
Walking by the sea he mastered and commanded.

And in the Vineyard
Steel modernity rises high -
Don’t get me wrong, it’s impressive stuff,
But I get all that on the other side.
I prefer it when
Soft spirituality rises,
Cries of “¡Viva!”
And La Vida en Verde,
And Cueka in a kilt,
Downing beers and wagging our chins,
And talking about the end of the world.

The south of the End of the World
Is far away as well.
A land of rivers,
Kind of a breadbasket,
If breakbaskets were thin geographically
And mimicked my scrawny chest.
But these rivers run deep,

Mapuche force lies dormant,
No-one’s fault,
Just blind prejudice.

The land of the End of the World shakes,
In ways few here can feel.
5 point 5, 7 point 8,
2 point 1.
Trembles in the night,
Yawning cracks by day,
The end of the world
Can swallow your good selves.

That’s why, for those of the land,
You live on the edge.

The north of the End of the World
Is a tomb world to some ancient race –
Land no man should look upon,
A thirsty, thirsty,
Desert tongue.
To the east, the Horseshoe
And the Third Millenium Cross,
Erected to the God who made
The searchlight stars in whispy skies.

The end of the world is cold.
And hot.
And balmy. The waves crash
Into the mountains
And froze for my disposable.

Walk those lean streets,
See for yourself.
You’ll find
That the End of the World,
Works tremors in your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today is my last day in this land. This land at the End of the World.

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The Four Plauges Of The End Times


The last days have come before us
for the blood of the fallen saints have washed
the uncleaned
and the followers of the Christ figure
have risen from their tombs

The crowning of the new God
is on the horizon as the soldiers of the dragon queen
stand in awe of his light
ready to wage war against the dark realms
against the deceiver
to cast down the plagues into the burning waters
for the new Christ's sake

And from the ocean the angel
will rise
ascending toward the sky
holding the souls of those who
lost their souls to the god of hell

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