A sonnet for Shannon

a sonnet for Shannon 
You first captured my gaze.
Intriguing, curiosity what I would give?
What I was waiting for with one life to live?
A quick glance to one another, my soul wherein?
My heart follows my gaze herein,
A single second to relive?
Do my feelings misgive?
Your heart I want to win?
No! Break the gaze and question no more.
Free yourself and continue on.
I can't let my guard down again.
My heart I wish for you to restore.
Even though my gaze I have withdrawn.
My love for you will still remain.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

how I met Shannon and what I felt at the time. Confused, shy, curious, engrossed, but careful. She had an air of mystery to her when I first caught a glance of those grey eyes. I wanted to know more about her.




As winter 
spring begins
to weave its
peeps through
the shadows.

Flowers awaken
from their nap,
the earth sings
a new song
nature renews
once again I
am restored.

 copyright by  heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Flowers awaken from their nap, once again I am renewed.

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