Who I want to be

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Another song/poem. Also, not the whole thing. This one is played on guitar, a lot of drum work. One of my favorites, please comment and let me know what you think!


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This is one of my earliest poems written on/about my first love: Daphne John of indelible memory...like all those poems which are kept in between the pages of books, even this was ...found by my daughter while reading "Heidi" today.

Transitory Thoughts

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Broken Wings February 10, 2007

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Written after an ex friend got mad at me for not having/booking a ride to celebrate a friend's birthday.

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Behind me

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Chocolate or Love

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This one makes me laugh because everyone thinks it's about some REALLY steamy sexual encounter I had.

It's not.

It was inspired by the BEST Chili-infused chocolate I ever tasted in my lift. It LITERALLY sent sparks running through my body...mmmmmm...chocolate....LOL

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Alone After You

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Feel free to comment

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