How do You Know?

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Feelings Hurt

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Thoughts Like Waves

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Just a poem. We all think things. 

Just sometimes we may 

not have the skills or awareness

to use the power to 

let things go, as letting go

In the mind is what is important. 

Then moving on is very easy,

Even if there is changes we must live with.


The thoughts come in...

The thoughts roll out.

Like the "tides" of post poems... 

And waves of emotion,

Hold onto your whitecaps,

Life can be a rough ocean!!







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Author's Notes/Comments: 

Really needed to get this out. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

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It is the author's thought that expression of face to face,  human to human emotion, and validation of such, is a necessity for a person to become whole and healthy. it is holding on to the emotions that can be expressed without physical violence that do most of the damage in the world right now...and it is all invisible, and why it has become so lethal to life.


in essence...our emotions change with our thoughts, and so if we are always expressing through words, without heart to heart communication... we only ever see half of the picture...of anything. Because the combination of thought and emotion can transform everything. Verbalization is the biggest and longest lie that has every been told.

Fred Ferocious

The Drabble Ditch
Author's Notes/Comments: 

© Lizzie Ayres, 2013

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No Title

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a bad place in time, made me write.

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