A Kiss Implies...

Nothing, which is a lesson I've yet to commit to memory. Perhaps at my own behest.


And why should it? A kiss can be given to anyone, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, background; all qualifying characteristics could not possibly interfere with the pressing of one's lips against another. A kiss holds only as much significance as is shared by the two participating in it. Does that mean it's childish, even ignorant, to hold the kiss to a standard of affection, or emotion? Is it wrong to hope that a kiss is implicit of something greater? To some, yes.


While what is thought to be "wrong" is ever-yielding to even the most basic scrutiny, one may feel that they ARE wrong whenever a compounded and derisive force is set against them. To that end, many work in tandem towards convincing their peers that, essentially, there is no such thing as love. In the same way that the existence of God can never be proven, many claim that "love" is simply a misnomer which stands in for one of many, more realistic possibilities, such as obsession, simple attraction, dependency, and so on. A man or woman, sure that love is a disingenuous construct, may even come to see the BELIEF in love, or the desire for it, to be of a sad and simple weakness.


If this is true, then what of the kiss? Where is it appropriate? What purpose does it serve other than as an inclination towards intercourse? Few scoff at intercourse, but many scoff at the kiss. Many more scoff at love entirely.


So, what of the kiss?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my attempt to be philosophical while talking about love, which is probably kind of stupid in concept alone. I got a bit bored and lost early on, and am really just venting my eternal frustration, lest I eventually give up on trying to find an actual mate whom I consider my equal (which will surely leave me plenty of time to search for something ((someone)) hollow and cheap).

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Jealousy (Typical Reaction)


Overrated, passismistic
Hypocrite about love
Our love, partnership
Not only one
No I in team
Selfish, selfish, selfish

Shallow deep in your hole
Where you evaporate
Melt into a puddle
To be walked upon
Walked upon you
Jealous, jealous, jealous

Center around you
A world of no trust
Gone, freedom
Constant complaining
Temper, temper, temper

Lose the jealousy

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She's sick, I'm sick
I'm ill when she's ill
When she laughs i laugh
When she smiles I smile
In fact her cry makes me cry

She is victorious in robbing
My heart of its blood
Then I cried out pleading
'Ayanfe' Please! I am dying
Yet she moves farther and farther

I looked helpless; fainted
Then she picked a race towards me
With tears on her cheeks she bathe
My heart with a refined blood
Sprouting stay with me; don't go!
I am yours - yours forever
You are my only true beloved

I felt her warmness
So mild, such I hadn't felt before
I held her tight, so close I don't want to lose
Your gaze glued unto me I do notice
Stress your sight no more, she said
My whole entity is now yours

Now forever I shall live in your loving arms
I needn't worry no more
Thy warmth is enough a shealth
In cold, winter and in fear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dying for love

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my ode entitled 'numb heart'


Numb Heart

My chest is a bit numb
Since the family begun
The first of my posse
Truly was French Royalty

Turned his back on gold
The story I've been told
Came to England with Lover
Did not want any other

No gold could supplement
The love he had to lament
The wealth was not desired
Left France for a better life

Many years before it happened
His family descended from serpent
In the satanic house of David
Line back to serpent and Eve

But the thing is about Cain
His descendents just not the same
Seem to have a frozen heart
No love lost from the start

Because I descend from him
Even though, wat ered down a bit
Good people and hearts a plenty
Grace my amazing family

This is reason, can’t feel anything
Though not for the w ant of trying
In the vicinity of my ribs
Inherited this, the heartless bit

Ok, I’m just so emotional
Well plugged into the spiritual
But its numbness in my chest
Sometimes it’s just a pest

It just doesn’t feel normal
A lack of pure emotional
Wish had a heart opener with me
Like portable open heart surgery

Got plenty of crystals; meditation too
All designed to help me move
My heart in the right direction
And propel me to a higher vibration

Feels like the cain bloodline
Has committed lots of crimes
And polluted my family history
But I m ust not deny it’s me

Am proud, the first of my tribe
Turned his back on cash for life
More concerned with gains of love
And connection with god above

It’s lam bing seas on, they are
Bouncing around with their mums
Glad I don’t eat meat now
Could never eat pig sheep or cow

Funny story bout a trader
Tried to gain an advantage
His job was dealing commodities
So he thought would try some LSD

For some insight; inside tracks
To make a success of his trades
To get himself a better life
Boy, did his plan backfire

Haunted by visions; slaughter houses
Dead animals, blood everywhere
Spirit lead him to the dark side of
His business haunting, had to stop

Natural highs the way to go
And to be totally selfless too
Then spirit will see your interests
Then might decide to help you

The divine knows every secret
Every move, all your interests
And if your in it for selfish gain
Nothing for you sadly but pain

But if your on the right side
Entirely honourable; shining white light
You might get the help you need
From the amazing divinity

Shame they cant fix my genes
To emanate more love from me
And to curb this horrible temper too
But regardless, divine, angels: Love you

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My Strength

My physical strength
Isn’t what makes me strong
But my knowledge to know
What’s right from wrong

I see it clearly
My full expectations
I focus on the positives
And not the limitations

I believe in mind over matter
The power of will
To believe is to succeed
Which makes me feel fulfilled

My mind is my strength
Not my weakness
It’s also a gift
That gives us all uniqueness

By:Kelly McLean

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was originally written for an assignment but i decided to post it because i liked it.

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Only Her

Her eyes pierced me with light ablaze
Vivid emotions boil over
As my will falls upon such gaze,
I know that i must have her
To reach across and touch soft skin
Face gentle and smooth to touch
Such emotions are enticed within
Heart leaping from my clutch
My pulsing heart in her hands
So vulnerable has she left me
But i trust how only a lover can
For life without love is nothing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My partner inspired this.

Provoked Vengeance


Man I feel angry
More than feeling depressed
Another problem coming
Another problem gone
No need to explain the rest

Sooner it'll impact
Later on it'll hit me harder
Inside my head I think
Of the sanity I endured
Here it comes again

Hid myself from the real world
Afraid to explore
Afraid to feel
Only now I feel vengeance
Could care less for you

Driven to wrath
Driven to hate others
Incorperated to follow my rules
And capable to indulge in a little thing called vengeance
Something felt when provoked

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Who I want to be

The taste of blood
The smell of fire
I'm captivated
By the death all around me

Should I be afraid?
Should I feel something?
Is this all there is?
Am I missing something?

Your lifeless eyes,
Are telling me secrets.
It's no surprise,
I can't understand what they're saying

Can something be done,
To stop all the madness?
Can this war be won?
I'm sick of your sadness
It's killing me.

I'm dying,
I'm wasting,
I'm wilting,
I'm waiting,

For a prince who will never arrive,
It's time to decide.
Who I want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another song/poem. Also, not the whole thing. This one is played on guitar, a lot of drum work. One of my favorites, please comment and let me know what you think!


I’m always here for you
When you’ve done something stupid
I always come to you
And enslave you like you deserve
Who are you to do that
Who are you to say that
You are nothing
You are useless
You aren’t special
You’re worthless

Stay under my cloud
As I rain your stupid decisions before your eyes
Why are you so stupid
Why didn’t you see that coming
Why didn’t you change that when you could’ve
You should’ve
Drown in your pitiful life
You cannot escape

I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you win
Die little brat

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