Overwritten Despondency

every breath I take is another mistake, each exhalation, lingering in this lonely space..
i'd love to just break down & cry.. but puff, pass, i'll let out another deep sigh.. 
the taste of your skin is like... pale sin.
& your smile as dead as the love that's spiraling downward into the drains of past content..
it filters out all the shit.
your eyes feel like daggers, when they're on me..
maybe that's why you can't truly see.. why do you even bother to criticize me.. why hasn't God set me free..?
like a fish, starving.. going in circles, de-sha-vu, I don't remember you..
but my intuition tells me otherwise.
an insect, hearing it's last words...
crushed, beneath the foot of mankind.. what sort of man is really all that kind..?
a bird, rattled in a cage.. shaken up.. absorbing rage..
being fed the scum that's left, to hold you sustained..
it's like not being able to turn to the next page..
& everyone keeps writing over the page i'm on, & telling me to read it once again.. & again.
until it's all scribbles, on top of one another.. it makes no sense..
you might as well be spitting on me... this is an overwritten despondency...

The Call

I looked out to the ocean
Darkness is all I see
But then the Morning Star
Who died and lives for me
For now the night reigns
But for those who’ve been drawn
Do not give up hope
It’s darkest ‘fore the dawn

Cry out you traitors
Your power fails away
In the glory
Of my King’s face
Come back you rebels
Your Father loves you still
And sent His only Son
To bring life you don’t deserve

But be warned
Your cause will not prevail
For nothing can stand against my Lord
All your schemes will fail
Because He loves you
He has prepared a way
To escape His Holy judgment
And live with Him always

Come to the light my brothers
He’s paid the price for you
To give you freedom
But the chosen are few
Can’t you see the battle
That’s waged for your soul
You’re on the losing side
Your “prince” will eat you whole

Listen to this rally
To save yourselves
To give you life
To save your soul from Hell

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Beautiful the Blood

I thought he was a teacher
A prophet some would say
Or a great man of his time
But these I throw away
For if He’s not who he said
He was a liar or a madman
But I know He is God


And this was always part of the plan

But we did not understand
Through our blindness could not see
Through our deafness could not hear
God, this man could not be!

And so he was condemned
Though He never did a wrong
And we hung Him on a cross
A pole to sky was long

And like the snake of Moses
Between Heav’n and Earth his weals
Were lifted above the people
That their sins would heal

How beautiful the blood
That fell to the ground
How freeing were the thorns
That pierced His noble brow
How unrecognizable the face
Of my great King
Who for the love of us
Gave everything


He died that very day
And I buried Him in the ground
I thought it all was over
Then an empty grave we found
He lives forevermore!
He died and rose for me!
And all so I could be
Restored to His family


Now I cannot stop
From saying what I’ve seen
That I saw my Savior die
To rise as my King!
Now whether it is right
To believe you or God
I will tell everyone
Both here and abroad.

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I wrote this for my friend who I've been trying to convince to stop smoking. We're young, and I don't think he realizes the severity of the consequences of what he's doing that will come later. I care, and I've been trying to help him, but it's at the point now where I just don't know if he can be helped...

Don't you know the world is round
and things will come back to you?
Mistakes we make in early days
will come to eat right through you.

We live our lives by who we are,
and perfect we are not,
but still you do destructive things-
condemn yourself to rot.

Though your heart is sweet and good,
somehow you've lost your way,
and now I've found you blindly living
in your darkest day.

I reach my hand for you to take
to pull you to the light,
but you won't take it- you won't do
what you know is right.

But no, I will not walk away
and leave you in the dust,
'cause I can see that somewhere there's
a diamond in the rust.

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My Eyes

Blindly walking forward
Into unknown territory
I sense another
Prescence beside me.

I turn in circles
As I try to see
Through the inpenatrable darkness
Yet my eyes provide me
With nothing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People should try to see without their eyes...

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Blind Fury

Random Poems

They say ppls listen with there eyes always judgin & never giving a poor soul the time ; struggling thru life making us feel like we left behind ; so u kno what ; here I am reppin my kind ; I may be blind but the same goes for ur flow cuz nobody sees nuttin except for the fact u gasping out ur nose ; homie ; u Trying to hard ; take a breather ; relax ; blind fury taking over & killin this track ; cuz I dnt need my eyes to kno at the moment that u sweatin ; lyrical wise I got these ppls going deaf & ; & I'm one of a kind ; not afraid to live blind ; cuz even tho my eyes are shut u can still see my shine ; been spittin all my life man got all these suckas going blind ; I may be cripple but that shit all heals in time ; I learned to live with my disabilities & get in sync with my mind ; blind fury on da track ; like dam ; y'all must be fucking deaf cuz I ain't even siqned.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this based on the rapper who won the b.e.t rapper contest Blind Fury. imagine this was him rapping this lol

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Untitled (for now)

The Lost One

We were kids, we laughed and even cried
I grew up, saw the world
She didn't, then we both died

The lives we lived in between that
Were very opposite indeed
But, that feeling remained intact

Seen many places and people, having one thought
Where is the one, my only one
And realized it was she, who I sought

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress.

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Clueless And Confused

The Lost One

We traveled these long roads leading to the country side
I found that place, that one special place, no longer willing to hide

Years of emotions, were welcomed with the same
By the next day her feelings changed, too brief, to soon it came

If I could only live forever, in that moment, and time would freeze
But, it is gone, just as the fallen leaves of autumn in a breeze

I have those memories, while gazing into her eyes, of her voice
Those loving words made my soul tremble, made by her choice

The tears she gave in expressing our same fate
Confirming we are without a doubt, each other soulmate

The following morning, she said without a laughter
She can't have those feelings, a wolf is what she after

She knows a wolf only a short while, and us for most of our lives
Prefers the predator, stabbing my heart with a thousand knives

So, here I am, the "Nice Guy", just like "Girlfriends"
The one, the beat of my heart... wants to be "Just Friends"

Being cold and dismissive, for years that was how I did act
Assholes always gets the girl and that's a cold hard fact

The reason to all my pain here in recent days
Was my refinement from animal, to more of the gentlemen ways

Say to me as you will, that I should or should not leave it to fate
For every time my heart beats, I love her, she is my soulmate.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's been used and abused, in and out of bad relationships her entire life. She doesn't know, never felt and can't see true love, for she is clueless and blind.

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The poet act on impulsion,

Outside of his nest,


Beauty struck him, like the warm freeze,


Such jewels are tears,


Rolling upon his lips,


Soon, to be turn to ink,


To stained the page,




Author's Notes/Comments: 

POETRY is like nature if u know how to read between the lines, u shall found some answer, rights or wrongs, this is hope to you to make that choice.

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