Book- Queen

Flow like the stream of consciousness,

Let your beauty glow,

As the full moon,

Be love and be loved!


Let me fondle you,

As this is the wedding night,

Let us be one,

Let us be in paradise!


Only kisses and passionate love,


May find their places between you and me!

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Karma will stop your flow! 2015

Karma will stop there flow 2015



some people are nice just like they aught to be

then there are others who will drop you to your knee

and the ones that are mean make your life feel like a show

but they better watch out or Karma will stop there flow

you see no one really gets away with anything now an days

because in the end they will have bad luck in everyway

its bad people who ruin it and stoop so very low

but soon they will see that Karma will stop there flow

like that old coyote who always tries to catch road runner

cuz in the end its the road runner who will always be the winner

when one is always mean and has a forked toungue

its they who will eat there words and be left to get hung

so if you dont stop your evil ways you will never really know

the joy of true friendship cuz Karma will stop your flow.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one cuz i believe we all have that one person in our lives who we have seen karma work its magic, well i have and it was beautiful to see them get there comupance hope you like it.


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ebb, flow, undertow

feelings that lie without reference
beneath an expressionless face ,
unidentified and vagrant in a netherworld,
an emptiness that once held a story of fanciful flight,
landing in the disintigration of it's height,
once bursting at the seams with vibrance and light,
now, it's song sung, the story told,
the flame dies, the illumination grows cold,
and time stands by, undaunted by it's eviction,
in observance of the dimming presence,
although, no affliction,
a pithy moment in time
ends in apathetic ambiguity,
and time moves on,

cackling in it's obscurity.







3:16 AM 5/12/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the tides of change can show no mercy.

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Ruthless Monotony

I'd love to write a poem of hate right now,
But hate only brings the same,
I'd love to tear the walls down,
And paint everything black,
My soul is crying out with rage
Like an animalistic scavenger,
Seeking the blood to tear the guts
From the bellies of demons who created this disaster.

And inner peace speaks softly
All the while beyond this fury,
I cry not only for the anger,
But I cry because of this beauty,
A spark that's lived within the thrawls
And clutches of such untold deceit,
I'm weak as a lamb and fall down in mercy
...and bow to love's defeat.


7:45 PM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about the silent spark that pummels through our rage. 'Be still and know that I am god--this too shall pass'

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Acid Reflux

the freezer was interesting with a crush grape

it's sickening to think like sippin' listerine then drunkin' it

a bystander pleasin' their needs for free

that happens when your nice and advantage is took for more things

what siblings touch with just oven mits?

and what i just said lets them know i'll spot a stripped twist

i'd rather battle relapse and grasped the mix

not like x factor,my mind allows action

obstacles get winded dodgin' a hit

now why'd they respond by standin' soundless where they're grounded still

dalvin got more liquids than a scientist

the rest of the house is down and poutin with their mouth's stiff

dry of cotton mouth and dyin' of thirst

i'm fine bitin' munch and noddin' up to swallow purple stuff

upward elbow clutch

numbful cheers

like a couple of beers

delight with each tilt

this to the grumpy taste budders stumped at guzzlers

drankin' mugs they never paid for didn't even tell first

to begin with

we're fixed to carbohydrates

when missin' in a time of need our feelings get bothered

keep your tips off em'

not a space of popped bubbles anywhere on the bottle shall be how it was

the rush is awesome

repeating flavor

a sting in the neck area

see ya' later

reach a settlement

the cap get smack-palm ripped off again when the time has come

not twice but maybe once

i tossed a filled product

the odds are very small like midgets boutta knock tall ones

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my ode entitled 'energy flows where attention goes

Energy flows where attention goes

A little thing that I’v been told
Energy flows where attention goes
In whatever direction you choose
Your energy is yours to loose

Wherever you may decide to point
Your attention, your energy anoints
This is more than likely your TV
A machine built to steal your energy

Don’t forget your computer or PC
To that you choose to give energy
You may choose another direction
I’m betting based on consumerism

Because this capitalist belief system
All rigged to steal your heaven
Steals your energy at every turn
Tv’s, pc,s, mobile phones: LEARN

All designed to steal your energy
With careful use of sacred geometry
The less energy you give away
The more for you: Brighter days

You need all the energy for yourself
To surf, not wade through this hell
If you don’t see this world as grim
The current system, all the suffering

Google silent weapons for quiet war
Bill Cooper, he knew the score
They have stolen your spirit too
I’m no liar, I speak the truth
Only one person needs your energy
Would be You: Not the Illuminati

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Blind Fury

Random Poems

They say ppls listen with there eyes always judgin & never giving a poor soul the time ; struggling thru life making us feel like we left behind ; so u kno what ; here I am reppin my kind ; I may be blind but the same goes for ur flow cuz nobody sees nuttin except for the fact u gasping out ur nose ; homie ; u Trying to hard ; take a breather ; relax ; blind fury taking over & killin this track ; cuz I dnt need my eyes to kno at the moment that u sweatin ; lyrical wise I got these ppls going deaf & ; & I'm one of a kind ; not afraid to live blind ; cuz even tho my eyes are shut u can still see my shine ; been spittin all my life man got all these suckas going blind ; I may be cripple but that shit all heals in time ; I learned to live with my disabilities & get in sync with my mind ; blind fury on da track ; like dam ; y'all must be fucking deaf cuz I ain't even siqned.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this based on the rapper who won the b.e.t rapper contest Blind Fury. imagine this was him rapping this lol

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