Blind Fury

Random Poems

They say ppls listen with there eyes always judgin & never giving a poor soul the time ; struggling thru life making us feel like we left behind ; so u kno what ; here I am reppin my kind ; I may be blind but the same goes for ur flow cuz nobody sees nuttin except for the fact u gasping out ur nose ; homie ; u Trying to hard ; take a breather ; relax ; blind fury taking over & killin this track ; cuz I dnt need my eyes to kno at the moment that u sweatin ; lyrical wise I got these ppls going deaf & ; & I'm one of a kind ; not afraid to live blind ; cuz even tho my eyes are shut u can still see my shine ; been spittin all my life man got all these suckas going blind ; I may be cripple but that shit all heals in time ; I learned to live with my disabilities & get in sync with my mind ; blind fury on da track ; like dam ; y'all must be fucking deaf cuz I ain't even siqned.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this based on the rapper who won the b.e.t rapper contest Blind Fury. imagine this was him rapping this lol

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