Monthly Archive for March 2022

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Don't Sell Your Thoughts Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 1st
BEASTIAL DECEIT Poem georgeschaefer #beastialdeceit Mar 1st
PRIMAL MANTRA Poem georgeschaefer #primalmantra Mar 1st
ONE PEACE AT A TIME Poem joy #onepeaceatatime, #peace, #puzzles Mar 1st
The Foiled Knight Errant Poem saiom Mar 1st
Said Ferdinand The Steer Poem saiom Mar 1st
Castraters Poem saiom Mar 1st
Rain Jewels Poem saiom Mar 1st
Mr. Putin Is Crazy Poem williamjroneyiii 1 Mar 1st
Exodus In Winter Poem allets Mar 1st
One Bomb Poem allets Mar 1st
Abandonment Issue Poem allets Mar 1st
Splintered Haiku Poem allets Mar 1st
Conventional War Poem allets Mar 1st
Nuremberg Code Mandates Animal Torture Researc Poem saiom Mar 1st
Big Farms and Big Pharm Poem saiom Mar 1st
Einstein's Wife Poem saiom Mar 1st
Communist Countries Poem saiom Mar 1st
Meteorology Poem saiom Mar 1st
The Eating of Dogs Poem saiom Mar 1st
IN THE LAND WHERE SUNFLOWERS GROW Poem joy 1 #inthelandwheresunflowersgrow, #sunflowrs, #ukraine, #War Mar 2nd
Perfume Sales Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Curds And Whey Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Botswana Sells Licenses To Murder Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Pitchfork Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Joe Poem saiom Mar 2nd
The Omnipresent Grey Poem cerulean_soulhaze 1 Depression, Suicide Mar 2nd
Favorite Season Poem allets 2 Mar 2nd
Email, Phone, Text, Letter Contact Prose saiom Mar 2nd
Meatless Fridays Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Animal Slaves Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Diving In Shallow Water Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 2nd
A Fifth Christmas Poem tallsquirrelgirl love Mar 2nd
I Scare Me Poem tallsquirrelgirl 1 contrapuntal, self image Mar 2nd
Overthink Poem tallsquirrelgirl 2 contrapuntal Mar 2nd
The Shadows That Stay Here Poem tallsquirrelgirl past, shadow Mar 2nd
what I did when you weren't looking Poem tallsquirrelgirl Comparison, insecurity, relationship, self sabotage, society Mar 2nd
Notes On The News Poem saiom Mar 2nd
His Dogs Can't Read .. A Rewrite Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Tree Vivisection Poem saiom Mar 2nd
Willowed Meadowlark Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Alan Jay Lerner revised Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Warlords Poem shewhodwellsint... Mar 3rd
Amber (Feels Like Honey At First) Poem lyrycsyntyme 4 Mar 3rd
Ketanji Poem allets Mar 3rd
Your Move Vlad Poem allets Mar 3rd
Saffron Pollen Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 3rd
Solecism Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 3rd
Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Advertising Agencies Poem twelve12 orange county advertising agencies Mar 3rd
PINPOINT THE MOMENT Poem georgeschaefer #pinpointthemoment Mar 3rd
বুয়েটের পি.এল স্মৃতিচারণ Poem shawon1982 Mar 3rd
It started over music Poem jpike 1 Mar 3rd
Unseen Tragedy Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 3rd
BETWEEN THE BEADS Poem Pushkva 3 Mar 3rd
A Mob Calling For Blood Poem saiom Mar 3rd
This Abandoned Home Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 Mar 3rd
Killed For Fur Poem saiom Mar 3rd
THE MAIN REASON FOR NO MORE WARS Poem joy 2 #children, #themainreasonfornomorewars, #War, #warsandchildren Mar 3rd
CAYENNE SIRACHA Poem georgeschaefer #cayennesiracha Mar 3rd
Confessional Booth Prose saiom Mar 4th
HUMID SATURDAY Prose georgeschaefer #humidsaturday Mar 4th
Conscentious Objector Prose saiom Mar 4th
Politician Hunters Poem saiom Mar 4th
Barnacle Bill Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 4th
Bangalore Hospital does 10,000 Free Heart Surgeries Annually Poem saiom Mar 4th
Lost Home Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 4th
Turtles Poem saiom Mar 4th
MONSTERS Poem joy #monsters, #War Mar 4th
Two Pines Poem saiom Mar 4th
OUTWEIRDING Poem georgeschaefer #outweirding Mar 4th
Where Vultures Gather Poem saiom Mar 4th
FROM THE ISLE OF MALTA: BARON MIKEL SICLUNA! Prose georgeschaefer #isleofmalta #baronmikelsicluna Mar 5th
Breath Prose saiom Mar 5th
Chemical Reactions Aren't What Set Off Bombs Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 Mar 5th
Anti Free Speech Poem saiom Mar 5th
The First Morning, Post-Civilization Poem lyrycsyntyme 2 Mar 5th
Squirrels Screaming in Spring Poem FuriousIce friendship, growing up, Hope, insecurities, loss, love, spring, Squirrels Mar 5th
@ 27.105 MHz: Vengeance Tale Poem S74rw4rd 4 Mar 5th
Absconding Dreams Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 5th
I WONDER WHAT JOYCE WOULD SAY Poem joy 1 #iwonderwhatjoycewouldsay, #War Mar 5th
REDUCED TO PEANUTS Poem georgeschaefer #reducedtopeanuts Mar 5th
Sunflowers and Clear Skies Poem Bazoora 3 #ukraine Mar 5th
Texas Prisons Poem saiom Mar 5th
Who's For Dinner Poem saiom Mar 5th
Field Dressing; More Deceptive Semantics Poem saiom Mar 6th
Fragile-self Obsession Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 6th
Rewriting History Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 6th
Let Them Go Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 6th
VARIATIONS ON RIMBAUD: SECOND CHILDHOOD Prose georgeschaefer #rimbaud #variationsonrimbaud #secondchildhood Mar 6th
Stamp Of Love Poem saiom Mar 6th
মাদ্রাসায় বাচ্চার মৃত্যু প্রসঙ্গে Poem shawon1982 Mar 6th
Watersoaked Fleece Poem saiom Mar 6th
Light And Night Poem saiom Mar 6th
Duopoly Political Party Convention Delegates List Prose saiom Mar 6th
Nine Pointed Star Prose saiom Mar 6th
Slava Ukraini Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 6th
Garden And Lawn Maintenance Hacks Poem barrybout garden, Gardening, lawn Mar 6th
You Went To A Better Place Poem randyjohnson Mar 6th
Heron Clan: March 13, 2022, Dumbhead, Bricks Poem djtj 1 Mar 6th
Conquered Poem saiom Mar 6th
DEVILISH INTENT Poem georgeschaefer #devilishintent Mar 6th
Masisi Or Assisi Poem saiom Mar 6th
Every Country .. An Incomplete Beginning List Poem saiom Mar 6th
Surrender Poem saiom Mar 6th
cars Prose owlcrkbrg Mar 7th
Beautiful Morning Notions Prose allets Mar 7th
Billionaire Causes of Climate Change Prose saiom 1 Mar 7th
SQUANDERED SERENDIPITY Prose georgeschaefer #serendipity #squanderedserendipity Mar 7th
Back In The Day Poem allets Mar 7th
Spark Poem allets Mar 7th
Cooling Lava Poem Nolarak 1 Mar 7th
Red ribbon Poem Pungus 3 Mar 7th
Forever damned Poem Vamprose 2 Mar 7th
I would get lost Poem geneconner2008 1 Mar 7th
شاعر وقصيدة Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 7th
حرب Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 7th
قهوة Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 7th
فإذا عيوني مسمعي Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 7th
Valley Of Pain Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 7th
At Worship In Spirit And In Truth Poem S74rw4rd Mar 7th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Circa 1599, A Poet Addresses A Certain Boy-Player Poem S74rw4rd Mar 7th
Scheduled Envy Poem THWYALG Mar 7th
THE BLANK GENERATION Poem georgeschaefer 2 #blankgeneration Mar 7th
بقلك صباح الخير Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 7th
OUTDOOR CAFÉS Prose georgeschaefer #outdoorcafes #dominicanrepublic Mar 8th
6720 Prose allets 6 Mar 8th
From Here, Where? Prose allets 8 Mar 8th
The Late Anna Karen Poem randyjohnson Mar 8th
Going Insane Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 8th
Super Power Poem allets 2 Mar 8th
Human Value Poem allets Mar 8th
The Power of Words Poem saiom Mar 8th
Love hurts Poem osiriss- Mar 8th
A CANDLE AND A PRAYER Poem joy #acandleanaprayer, #encouragement, #love, #War Mar 8th
LOOSY GOOSY LUCY LIMERICKS Poem georgeschaefer 2 #limericks #ilovelucy Mar 8th
يا الله ارحلي Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 8th
Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley Poem saiom 2 Mar 8th
Aura of Chicago Poem saiom Mar 8th
Waking Up To War Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 8th
War Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Mar 8th
No Gelatin Poem saiom Mar 9th
March, a Fickle Month Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 9th
One Life or Many Prose saiom Mar 9th
Not Every Poem Has To Be A Reportage Prose S74rw4rd 2 Mar 9th
Set You Free Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 9th
Wind Chimes Poem saiom Mar 9th
Bricklaying Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 Mar 9th
Chips' Chapel Poem saiom 1 Mar 9th
GOES WITHOUT SAY Poem georgeschaefer 2 #goeswithoutsay Mar 9th
The Minor Shakesperean Scholar Raises Questions Poem S74rw4rd Mar 9th
The Aperture—Absolute Poem Mar 9th
Move On Poem wnature Mar 9th
Ordinary Love Poem wnature Mar 9th
Just Pretend Today Poem chillin 2 Mar 9th
PAST CLOSING TIME Poem georgeschaefer #pastclosingtime Mar 9th
Slaughterhouses Exempted Poem saiom 1 Mar 9th
THE WORLD WE SEE Poem joy #inspiration, #sight, #theworldwesee, #War Mar 9th
A Different Culture Poem saiom Mar 9th
All I Want Poem exthias1983 Mar 9th
Cooked Limerick Poem allets 2 Mar 9th
Dominion Poem saiom Mar 9th
Fallacies Prose S74rw4rd Mar 10th
Scofflaw Senator Ted Cruz Argued Texas Had a Right To Execute Mentally ill and Mentally Deficient Prose saiom Mar 10th
Titanic Pride, Silenced Poem S74rw4rd 2 Mar 10th
No Cruz Control Poem saiom Mar 10th
JACQUINS SOMETHING OR OTHER Poem georgeschaefer #jacquins #somethingorother Mar 10th
MS. PAC-MAN OR LAUNDRY Poem georgeschaefer 4 #mspacman #laundry Mar 10th
صلاة Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 10th
+ 27.225 MHz: Epigram On Luke 14:29 Poem S74rw4rd Mar 10th
Carpenters Poem lyrycsyntyme 2 Mar 10th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; *All Ye Stars Of Light*---Psalm 148:3; A Sonnet For Patriciajj Poem S74rw4rd 2 Mar 10th
Purple Butterfly on Channel 8 Poem saiom 1 Mar 10th
Texas Taxes Subsidize Executions Poem saiom Mar 10th
Would you believe me. Poem osiriss- Mar 10th
I Love You Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 10th
Offhand Comment Poem lyrycsyntyme 4 Mar 10th
A PRAYER FOR THE WORLD Poem chris Mar 10th
Many Incarnations Poem saiom 1 Mar 10th
Yo-Yo Ma At Russian Embassy Poem saiom 1 Mar 10th
Erasing Sea Poem saiom 1 Mar 10th
Anna Poem osiriss- Mar 10th
Experiments on Cats Poem saiom Mar 11th
home Poem Tsenumaic 1 Mar 11th
Forgetting Peace Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 11th
WHENB DID WE FORGET Poem joy #creation, #whendidweforget, #whywewerecreated Mar 11th
MAYBE YOU WERE EXPECTING POETRY Poem georgeschaefer Mar 11th
HIDDEN FLAWS, HIDDEN GEMS Poem georgeschaefer 2 Mar 11th
بساطة Poem Thana-Darwish Mar 11th
Dumb Head Poem djtj 1 Mar 11th
MRS. P Poem chris Mar 11th
What's Oil Got To Do With It? Prose allets 2 Mar 11th
Government Animal Torture Prose saiom Mar 11th
Poet Poem allets Mar 11th
The First Iris Poem patriciajj 13 Mar 11th
Iris Poem allets Mar 11th
Some Kinds of Nonviolence Poem saiom Mar 11th
Footprints Poem allets Mar 11th
Ugly Poem allets Mar 11th
Good Advice Received During My Freshman Year Prose S74rw4rd 4 Mar 11th
SITCOM ROPE A DOPE Prose georgeschaefer #sitcomropeadope Mar 12th
"Get Rich Or Die Trying" Prose blackGOD Mar 12th
the current play Poem Spinoza 13 Mar 12th
+ 27.225 MHz: Epigram On John 20:31 Poem S74rw4rd Mar 12th
DIVINE INTERVENTION Poem mil57man 1 #Look #Listen #Learn Mar 12th
Hook-Impaled Worm Poem saiom Mar 12th
Alcoholic Anger Poem saiom 1 Mar 12th
Fire and Ice Poem saiom Mar 12th
Endangered Mahogany Poem saiom Mar 12th
CHAP 7- BEDTIME STORIES Poem Pungus 1 Mar 12th
Violence And Chaos Poem williamjroneyiii 2 Mar 12th
Happy Birthday Scarlett Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 12th
Narcissus Poem saiom 1 Mar 12th
Gotta Give It To The Man Poem lyrycsyntyme 2 Mar 12th
Never Underestimate Ukraine Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 12th
Melodies XLIX; An Englishman Visiting From Spanish Toledo Poem S74rw4rd 4 Mar 12th
President Zelensky Poem LittleLennonGurl 3 Mar 12th
If Some Of My Adolescent Failures Could Speak Poem S74rw4rd 2 Mar 12th
DELIGHTFULLY WEIRD Poem georgeschaefer #delightfullyweird Mar 12th
Oh Ukraine Poem allets 2 Mar 12th
Forgetting Peace Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 12th
Elucidation Upon A Fanciful Existence Poem americanprayer Mar 13th
Keep or delete? Poem Pungus 1 Mar 13th
My Favorite Box Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 13th
EXISTENTIAL DREAD Prose georgeschaefer 2 #existentialdread Mar 13th
Why You Were Hiding? Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 14th
CHAP 8- BRAINWAVES Prose Pungus 1 Mar 14th
Was This, Perhaps, Only The Beginning Of An Epidemic? [April 15th, 1912] Poem S74rw4rd 2 Mar 14th
নটরডেমের দিনগুলোতে যাবার প্রত্যাশা Poem shawon1982 Mar 14th
Past Gazing Poem allets Mar 14th
READING WATCHMEN ON SUBWAY Poem georgeschaefer #subway #readingwatchmen Mar 14th
HAYSTACKS CALHOUN Poem georgeschaefer 2 #haystackscalhoun Mar 14th
Passion Ever After Poem Vamprose 1 Mar 14th
Armadillo Poem saiom 1 Mar 14th
BOAT Poem chris Mar 14th
Compete For The Finite Poem allets Mar 14th
Pillar To Post Poem allets Mar 14th
Plants Quaking Poem saiom Mar 15th
Mongers Monetize And Monopolize Poem saiom Mar 15th
Old Oak Poem saiom Mar 15th
Columbine and Tomato Vine Poem saiom 1 Mar 15th
Break of Day Poem saiom Mar 15th
Pain on Paper Poem saiom Mar 15th
FULLING IN THE BLANKS Poem joy #fillingintheblanks, #grandson and grandma, #love Mar 15th
NOW AND THEN Poem georgeschaefer 2 #nowandthen Mar 15th
Walking With Aliens Poem allets 2 Mar 15th
TECATE Y TEQUILA Poem georgeschaefer #tecateytequila Mar 15th
More Than You Know Poem exthias1983 Mar 15th
Talking To God Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 15th
Mass Murder in MBS' Saudi Arabia Poem saiom Mar 15th