We are awash in a world of colors…reds, greens, yellows…blues.

Each color is unique…

each with its own distinctive hue.


And by themselves they are quite beautiful…

when we see one we’re transfixed

but we can’t deny the beauty once the colors have been mixed.


When the sky is blue it is beautiful…it’s a pleasure to our eyes

but what a beautiful mix the colors make as the sun’s about to rise.


Or when the sun begins to set in the days evanescent light

and the colors synthesize harmoniously…as they usher in the night.


And there must be a heavenly reason…

after the darkest storms in a sky overflowing with rain

a rainbow arching across the sky is the mix of colors that remains.


Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows have proven…they have shown

that each contains a beauty…creating a color of their own.


Which leads some of us to wonder…

and others of us to muse

Doesn’t the beauty they possess arise from the mixture of their hues?


What if we saw each other as a mix of colors

no matter the day or night

a beautiful blend of colors…instead of just black, yellow, red or white


Would that alter the way we feel?

Would our love and acceptance of each other increase?

If we could see each other as a blend of colors…

We could call that color…Peace




A morning stroll along the beach, just the two of us, walking hand in hand

when I found myself enchanted by all the footprints in the sand.


It was beautiful how the sun met the water and the water met the land

but I felt myself mesmerized by all those footprints in the sand.


They came in all shapes and sizes…they were everywhere I scanned…

an endless overlap of footprints…blending together in the sand


I had no way of knowing…if it was a woman or a man

If they were made by someone young or old…these footprints in the sand.


Was their skin black or white or yellow…red, or pink or tanned?

could not be determined from these footprints in the sand.


What was their religion?  Were they from here or some other land?

These I could not ascertain from mere footprints in the sand.


Were they single…or was their partner a woman or a man?

Information not to be discovered from footprints in the sand..


And I wondered if we judged people only by their footprints in the sand

would we still have prejudice and bigotry…

would people still be ridiculed or banned?


Would hatred still flow as easily across our seas and land…

or would we find a way to blend together…


like footprints in the sand?

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Yesterday while watching the sun set

I thought how nature is so beautiful…

and yet


I find myself hesitant…afraid

at the world before me man has made


At all the horrible things we’re doing

At all the bitterness and hatred brewing


As the sun descended this thought entered my mind

There is a way to make the world kind?


And though this may be hard for some to swallow

I believe it depends on who we follow.


What if at sunset…when today is done

We stop following fools with power…fools with guns


And when we awake to a new sunrise

We follow only leaders whom we think are wise.


So at future sunsets we’ll just enjoy the view


Like, I believe, we were meant to do.

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Yesterday was World Ukulele Day…you heard me right…it’s not a fluke

Yesterday people all around the world came together…to celebrate the uke.


They were playing in the park in our town so we had to check it out…

We wanted to learn a little more and see what the fuss was all about.


The ukulele originated in Hawaii…that state surrounded by the sea…

and translated roughly from Hawaiian…ukulele means ‘jumping flea’.


It’s possible the name comes from how fast the fingers seem to jump around when people play it

but whatever the reason the word ukulele makes you smile when you say it.


On stage a group of people picked up their ukuleles

and played familiar songs

as people who brought their own ukes accompanied them

while the rest of us sang along…


In a world that is so divided so filled with distrust and animosity

people coming together to play and sing was a beautiful sight to see.


Perhaps that is the point of World Ukulele Day…

to bring people together no matter their religion, sexuality or race….

for no other earthly reason that to put a smile on their face.


To show the world through a 4 stringed instrument and some old familiar songs

that we can come together…

that we can get along.


Which leads me to wonder… 

What if there is a way?

What if a world with less hate and animosity


begins with more ukulele days.

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They grew up in the ’60’s…and as their lives unfurled

They discovered they were righteous…laid back…two groovy kind of girls.


They had long hair…down to their shoulders…some people thought them wild

They were hippies…free spirits…unconventional…each one a flower child.


They wore their clothing tie-dyed in colors bold and bright

When they made the scene…they were a gas, a blast…so out of sight!


They would have gone to Woodstock but their parents didn’t approve

They believed in peace and love and they were always on the move…


But time has a way of moving too… and though they’re not sure how

Those two hippies of the ‘60s…are in their 60’s now.


Yet, through the years…through jobs and family

though their lives have rearranged….

they stayed as cool as they were back then

and their values haven’t changed….


They were sculpted by their past and no matter how old they grow

There is a universal truth…that they…as hippies…know….


Although there are certain parts of life over which they have no control….

They remain free spirits in their hearts and hippies in her soul.


They oppose violence…

They oppose hate and war…

Their symbol is the dove

They strive for a world of peace

They pursue a world of love.


So here’s to all the old hippies out there….

and any younger hippies too…

Let’s keep trying to make the world a better place…


because that’s what hippies do.

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The true measure of the greatness of a person, 

a town, 

a city, 

a country…

a people

is not in the fortunes we amass…

not in caring solely about ourselves





we will find…

before we are deceased…

the true measure of the greatness of a person

a town,

a city,

a country,

a people…

is in how we treat those less fortunate than us…


those who have the least.


Another week of horror… 

of terror…

of uncertainty

and again we meet in a park at night to bemoan a tragedy.


People came together…looking for encouragement and relief.

People of different faiths, 

different backgrounds 

and beliefs.


As different people prayed to their God…

among the crowd there was no dissension

everybody listened…

and accepted…

everybody paid attention.


For no matter what faith was present…

no matter what God they may have named…

or if they didn’t believe in God at all…

their message was the same.


In the end everybody lit a candle…

and held it in the air

proving love is universal…

proving love is to be shared.


and then we all departed 

taking different paths into the night

our darkness beginning to be driven out 


by a little spot of light.

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We heard the siren before we saw it…an ambulance coming our way

and we hoped for a miracle for the person inside…

That is…until the siren faded away.


For you see we did not know the person

and it only troubled our day…

for a moment..

just an instant

until the siren faded away.


In that instant we wondered what might have happened

what threw their world into disarray?

But we quickly forgot about them

when the siren faded away.


And I thought how sad we are so detached from one another

It is a sign of the times in our world today…

We are wistful, at first, when tragedy strikes another

but lose sight of them when the siren fades away.


We have forgotten how we are all one family

I hope that all will change one day…

and we will care about each other

even after the siren fades away…


So now when I hear the siren

of an ambulance coming my way

I will still hope for a miracle for the person inside 

before the siren fades away…


But in a world that is so divided

disconnected in many ways

I will also be praying for a second miracle


before the siren fade away.

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Author's Notes/Comments: 

You will be amazed to say the least my friends.

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