A Love For Today

My Everything


Oh sweet, sweet love

This day is meant for us

This day of passion and romance

With a hint of lust


Your crimson lips I yearn for

Your crimson lips that stain

Each and every memory

Helping me stay sane


Memories with a scent

Only your presence can leave

Another lost breathe,

That has been taken from me


Eyes molded in every thought

Angelic flesh beside me; lay

Sensations left on my skin

Reminders of the day


Traces of you are found

Intertwining with my heart

Footprint after footprint

A perfect love to impart


A day so sublime

A night so ideal

Today is meant for us

Flawlessly surreal



Carcass's picture

Definitely one of your

Definitely one of your better, or my favorite, written pieces, the words just seem to blend together perfectly.  You always have a clever rhyme scheme that isn't overused and is refreshing to read.

truthintragedies's picture

Aww that's so nice! I always

Aww that's so nice! I always try and push myself to write differently. Thanks for noticing ^__^

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**