Sexy S's


Sexy satin sheets
Satisfying sensations
Sinful, sweet and pure

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I felt silly when I wrote this but at the same time the words just seemed to flow all too easily. Enjoy!

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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Never thought of it
It almost blew right by
Six two one sixty five
opened my eyes
I thought you were the best I ever had
Almost missed this one
Touches like...
Kisses like...

I wish you could feel what I feel right now
my body is feeling a bit weak right now
And my fingers tremble as I hit keys right now
Because I know that he could bring me to my knees right now

I just want to explain
I almost settled for less
Told him there was no need to impress me
And now that I found it
And I know it's real
Im glad he didn't impress me
You impress me

Your caress like...
Your smile like...
Your kiss like...
Our love like...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I got it this time. And I got it right.

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In these conversational forests where within we've dwelt,
I have the vaguest sense that you consider yourself a
canvas void eternally of sufficient noise and sparkle
with which you may tarry each and every sultry glance.
Atop these many pillars of occasioned dialogue,
I find my ears grow bored and sleep just beyond the start,
leaving sight the only sense you've left me here to compensate.
I drink you in without feign of care or motive to be subtle.
Somehow after ravages you still produce the raw
needy, clawing side of me that serves as mankind's foil,
and leave me desperate for release amidst a now distorted
sense of past and future-tense that doesn't mean a God damn thing.
And oh the things I'd to you, in my home or in yours.
We rarely speak of bygone things, because you were so different.
But same or not your appeal remains something still and primal;
despite the passing of the days, I may remind you of why then
you had such sudden urges met with nothing but a photo
which you kept beneath your bed in the shell of layered boxes.
I'd heard about it through a friend and found myself quite shocked
and angry that I did not act when it could have been so simple.
Now you are intoxicants met only with a vision,
liquor for my hungry eyes and set about in grace.
I'll watch you twirl your bags of rice and imagine your low-bending,
but there's likely little left to say, unless you've seen my changing.

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It Is What It Is

Hearts racing, skin sweating, hormones surging
He brushes her neck with his satin lips
Their breathing swells as they subtract clothing
All he can think of are her naked hips
She can't stop thinking of her innocence
Despite her feelings, the boy continues
The girl goes numb and ignores her conscience
Her inner voice can't seem to break through
Now it's too late, there is no return
The boy penetrates and regret sets in
As he thrusts, her insides begin to churn
Feelings arise from deep within
There's no turning back, it is what it is
If only, but then it is what it is

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Me & My Girl ; That Independent Pearl

Random Poems

Make that clit twitch ; tell a bitch aint no lie ; i'll suck ur pussy dry ; I aim to please make a girl feel free ; kiss her lips grab her hips ; then go down & kiss them other two lips ; slam her agianst that wall ; make her scream for more ; push her up to da ceiling ; put my tounge inside her get her tingling ; if she les i make her striaght if she bi i make her beg ; cuz im that drug that makes a bitch an addict ; & make hoes wanna overdose but i say no cause i want my pearl ; that independent girl that can tell a nigga no ; but can put on a show ; that can be freaky in bed & aint scared to give head ; that can make u feel hot but aint afraid to put u on da spot ; that doenst cheat cuz our true luv is key ; & cause then she gotta fuckin deal with me ; but i aint one to abuse see ; but dnt like to be fooled see ; let my girl choose make her feel free ; let these otha dudes kno they shoudnt fuck with me cuz i decked them real talk come at u like a dog ; i sniff da fakes out & at night I shout I howl I scream my lungs out ; only cuz ur my girl and im ur guy ; that one of a kind rare dude to find ; with that werewolf body with at vampire mind I'll show u so much luv cause baby ur all mines ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the earliest poems i have ever written ; back when i barely wrote any poems ; & as you can tell i was such a horny teenager .__.

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Imaginary Man

When my eyes fall upon you I fill with lust
Meeting and making love becomes a must
You seem so perfect, a gift just for me
Is there something to you I don't see?
You appear so handsome, strong and bold
A being of masculine beauty I must hold
Can this be real? Can you be real? Can you be true?
It seems impossible that this is you
You are my dreams living embodied
Will you really not mislead?
Can you really be such being of perfection you seem?
Speaking to you makes my heart beam
Is it possible that you are not of my imagination?
You sore through my dreams with angelization
You are so perfect in my night
I will acheive passion with you with all my might
I wish to hold you in a naked embrace
To allow our bodies to eternally interlace
The passion I feel for you even though we have not met
Is that of sheer beauty that must be set
I await for our bodies to be one in love
I will gaze upon you, my savior above
I ache to be enveloped in your sweet ecstasy
To achieve together our greatest fantasy
I long for you to fill me with yourself complete
Our love making will be magick that can't be beat
To have our tongues meet in elegant dancing
To fulfill our desires after romancing
To just feel your touches upon my nude flesh
You inside me is a feeling in which I will relish
The hard thrusts and gentle carresses on every inch
The pleaures you'll cause to make me clinch
The sweating and panting upon the bed and floor
Will not end for hours for I will beg for more
When it finally comes to it's orgasmic end
We will lie together and watch ourselves mend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actually was being said in a dream by me as the love making happened... Wierd

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What they say about men is true,
Dead eyed and pawing
Gritted teeth and fucking
I've heard so much about women
Lovely to handle, lovely to hold,
Sooner your words turn cold

Turns out I am like them
There is no difference in my skin
I try and conquer, I try and win
For all that is written then twisted
In my head from something good
Hindsight tells me always what could

What should have been, what should have been

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And we sin again and again
always dying within
to share what has been
shared again and again
the passions that burned from within
to risk the consequence of one glorious sin.

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me an you time

i know she wants it when she bits her lip
an when it feels good she starts to bit my lip
moaning just off of a passionate kiss
she is never confuse she just calls it bliss
her neck is her favorite spot to kiss
lovers romance is what we perfected
sqeezing my body letting me know she's loving it
whispering back an forth talking romantic
lingerie to me makes it fantastic
listening to slow music as we go at it
the emotion at this point is nothing but passionate
an anything she wants she can get
an we can go for a long duration
an no need to ask if its good i already got the confirmation
an she came 1st an i met her there an that was the conclusion

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