The clock ticks
&I tell you tostay
With little or no hope
For somekindof “next time”
All those daydreams
Of you and me
And all those nights you’ll never get to walk me home
As I stumble and make stupid jokes
About how you can’t cook
Because you can’t
Not because I know this
But because you never have
At least for me
I lay there with you
Waiting for the right time to turn
Andyouwilltakeit as a sign
To restart what we did last night
And at dawn
And a couple of minutes after that
As you pulled my hair
I couldn’t help but think
Away from my eyes
So you could gaze at me
And give me that smile
That we all long to smile
But that’s not what I’ll get
It’s not what I want
At least from you
I won’t pretend like this is anything more
Because this is all that I want
At least from you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Odd spacing is all on purpose. Came out that way when I wrote it so I kept it that way.

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Bloodbutterfly's picture

Great poem

The odd spacing actually wasn't to bad, and the poem itself makes me eager to read more that you write! Keep it up ^___^

You can only be as beautiful as you tell yourself you are, but you can't let beauty get to your head.

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thank you

thank you