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I'm a very spontaneous writer. As a Gemini, my mind is already going at 400mph at any given moment. If you have hurt me, shamed me, taken advantage of me, loved me, made me happy, made me cry, kissed my soul, or made me fly... I will probably write a poem about you. All of my writings are direct impressions of how I am feeling at any given moment. SO, your first impression of what you read is most likely correct. I am not here to hide anything. I am probably not being cryptic. I have no shame anymore. I will not try to please you, and I will not change anything.
Although my poetry is deep, and sometimes rather intimidating, please do not take me as an emotional wreck, Which I absolutely am. I put my emotion into my writings, so that it doesnt come out in inappropriate manners. Call me responsible for my own actions, if you will.
I have a fluent knack for words. I am atrociously grammatically correct in both my speech, and my writing. I think words are beautiful and are not to be abused.
On that note, Im an extraordinarily laidback person, almost to the point of lazy. I love summer. I hate winter. I might be in love. And there is nothing I can do about it. That is all.

About My Navel

It is firmly attached to my stomach in an inward fashion.

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Books: The Hot Zone, Pet Sematary, The Giver
Music: A Perfect Circle, Damien Rice
Hobbies: Piano, Singing, Painting, Video games, drinking coffee, being hugged.


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