Benefits of playing outdoors with children


Society is changing and it is up to us to take advantage of those things that benefit us and stop the possible consequences of negative changes. It is a fact that children tend to stay at home in their leisure time and that they increasingly prefer to have fun with the console or with the computer rather than going outside.

The safety hazards they may face on the street are not an excuse to keep children locked up at home watching television. We want to recover children's games on the street because they bring many benefits to both young and old.


Advantages of playing outdoors with children

Children and babies should be in contact with the street and also with nature so that they learn to interact with the environment around them from a very young age. In this adventure of playing outdoors you do not have to be alone, it is much better to share the games with your family. Because the benefits of playing outdoors are many. For more info Click here 


- Exercise. Playing outdoors prevents childhood obesity, an increasingly frequent disease in this sedentary society that we are creating for our children. Turning off the television, getting up from the sofa and going outside to skate or play ball, for example, are highly recommended activities for the whole family.

- Creativity. Outdoor games undoubtedly boost children's energy, but also their creativity. The surprise factor is decisive in games that take place on the street because the whole environment cannot be controlled. This favors the imagination and the development of creativity in children, who have to sharpen their wits much more than in house games.


- Autonomy. In addition to being more creative, children who regularly play outside are more autonomous and independent. This, which can cause more than a doubt for the super protective parents, is one of the fundamental tools with which children will know how to face problems and find solutions for themselves.

- Social relationships. Many times we have spoken of the need to promote social relations between children. The lonely and shy children can find a good incentive to develop their social skills in these games outdoors if we present it as a regular routine.


- Family junction. In addition to the benefits for children, playing outdoors is one of the best forms of family bonding. Unforgettable moments shared by the whole family where we can dedicate the best we can to our children, which is quality time and attention.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Playing outdoors prevents childhood obesity, an increasingly frequent disease in this sedentary society that we are creating for our children. 

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Ramblings of an Idiot


 I like to say the word parallelograms

Walking Pair of jello gams

Talking Pair a telegrams

Eating Caramelo hams

Hating Cerebellum jams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes the synapses fire off a little too vigorously when im brain scraping .

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"Earned Helplessness"

by DaddyO


Relegated to play Monopoly
in the game of Life
I obtain what I want
without getting what I need,
and set people off
with my provocation.

To avoid a bored walk
down streets and avenues
that are not my property
I take respite in a little house of O
right next to McDonalds
and pretend it's a hotel
where I snort Splenda
through faux fifties
off the naked arching backs
of bratty ageplayers acting out
an arrested adolescence

I get high from the thought
yet crash with the realization
that "winning" means simply
I am not yet bankrupt: I didn't lose all!

Yes, I am still in the game
practicing a hybrid
of monogamous masturbation
and polyamorous orgies
sharing with nary
a knack for compersion

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2002,  inspired from the following poem:


"Learned Helpfulness"

by Camus (Not Albert) 


I'm wired to live
like it's a game of Operation:
grasping at what I need
without tripping the wires,
setting people off.
Making small moves
to avoid losing everything.
Practice makes me pretty skilled:
since my nerves are tuned
to a grating alarm,
failure feels like obliteration.
Even surgical precision, though,
yields only a pile of plastic;
winning means
I didn't make a sound.
Maybe it's time to learn a new game.
I don't know how to put
the tweezers down.

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Joker's Living Ways

Fuckin bullshitting games of the joker who claims to care

and be done with his past ways.

Yet the only thing he assures is that he is great at betrays,

But not so good at lying nor creating reasoning's

Of why he chose his actions towards another.

Yeah Jokers got some jokes, enjoying moments of his

Pleasures, kicking back & inviting strays back

Into the spot where we lay. Making his ultimate choice of

Allowing the exact things occur that he acknowledges

Is something I don't approve of, completely 

Showing those who aren't there 24/7

More respect than I who's been there for over two years.

But a Jokers got to joke, loving the game, 

Trying to be apart of the fame,

Of being known, with me right there angry

And upset like some sitting bum. "Opps" there goes all

The expressed expressions explained to him

During talks, yet it's the biggest controversies on

Reasons his attitude is copped.

There is no stop to think for the clowns who meticulously

Play to keep another down. Selfish Deeds 

It's how he rolls as long assomething is gained

In any way for him at that moment, it's the way he'll go....

                                                                     Marcelina Flores

                                                                    (Sept. 18th, 2014)

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The Stepford Model

     We are programmed. We are complacent.

     Eve was never tempted.

     The apple never bittten.


No evil allowed. No knowledge of the choice of evil.


Human existence- simplified, beautiful, lacking.

      an eerie Sim-like board game

      Everyone wins. (No one cares.)


Bitten apple. Serpant wins.

      Vast knowledge and an evil.

      Depth now applicable within the

      Human spirit, the human experience. (Freedom of choice.)


Wars, destruction

      Under human control


      Part of the apple's contract


The Lord's power is great, yet

      Allows for us to choose.

      Everyone wins. But world's evil is not 


At the blame of the Creator

      but at the application, the choice

      of humans to give in to and act upon

      The knowledge of evil.



This is why I despise snakes. 

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I have played a lot of games

And i kinda memorized all their names

I always get in the mood

When I beat up noobs


My eyes are turning red

I think I need to go to bed

I will first rest

And dream about being the best


I play games that are really awesome

And sometimes I choose my characters in random

It is really fun because you can learn

And you can kill other people and watch them burn



Don't kill people in real life

And don't even bother getting that knife

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like playing games

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While playing a
childhood game,
These knees took
a fall
With proper
began to carry
the ball.

If another
game begins,
will not take
the fall,
If not number
there will be
no game at all.

copyright by heather burns

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The Ancient Maya game of Tut to Tut. Warning!.

The ancient Maya

played a game like soccer

they called Tut to Tut

played with two teams

and a ball

that was passed around by the hip

and not the foot.

The ball was made of latex rubber

some claim it contained a human skull

For  one thing Tut to Tut was never dull

They played in front of a temple

on a strip of green

the object of the game

to score a goal by passing the ball

through a hoop made of stone

The winners were victorious

but for the losers it wasn't nice

because they chopped their heads off

and made them a sacrifice.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wouldn't like to have been a coach or referee.

Anyone for a game of Tut to Tut?.

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Indisputable women


Blood sucking Demon's
Permeating my skin.
Not completely draining
But taking enough to hypnotize my brain.
For a moment I have forgotten
Who I am
But instantly I'm back at it again.
Take me for granted
Use me till you need me no more,
There is always another sucker
Out there waiting to be torn.
We are all the same
With the same fucking goals,
Looking to buy happiness
With the cost of our sole.
Can't give up everything
As we seep back to our old ways.
We're not just men
Waiting to be played,
For we invented the game
We just made more mistakes.
Now you run like you own it
But your rules are totally fake,
We understand that we can change
But that's the biggest fear in ourselves is that we are whiling not to make.
So why not just be yourself
And see how it goes
I know I'm down for less acting
And more for putting on shows.
Stop allowing us to label you as
Indisputable &$%#

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cause the begging is do genuine and then once they have you they think they can make that change... And we fall right back into.... Well!!! Where you are right in this very moment. For all you guys out there that are living in this moment

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