second chances


I rested my head upon her chest

and felt the sonic waves of her

soul connect with my rays of light

wiring the electricity through my

heart; voltage of proportional

synergy; but if your heart is not

grounded the maximum voltage

could kill you, make you less of a

man, you failed her, there is no

other chance.

"Lucky me...there is a second chance!" 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I fucked up again! Is there a Third? Charm?

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Light and Dark

I don’t wake till the sun goes down

And the dance floor lights

Beat in my chest at 150 bpm

My heart to match

Eyes glow in the dark

As the dark crawls in

We all dance

Like people possessed

But it’s an energy that doesn’t stop

Heat and bodies melt into haze

Flashing lights display the world in slow motion

Or are just speeding us up

Thousands of nights at warp speed


Transcend time

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Underwater Trying Not To Drown

Sorrow filling my lungs

Choking on the tears

Crushing my heart

But I’ve never felt so alive

Underwater Trying Not To Drown

Cinders to ash, ash to smoke

My soul caught on the breeze

And left this empty corpse behind

Far behind and not looking back


Why can’t we go back to who we once were?

Killing with Kindness

The world we live in can be cold and bitter 

Nice guys finish last, let's just say I'm never a winner

People associate kindness with a weakness

Theyll take advantage of yours whenever it seems fit

And the one time you try to take a stand for you

They ask "why are you in A bad mood?"

But you can't let the world change your mind

Let your mind change the world one person at a time

And I realize you will inevidently end up in a bind

But it's all a matter of how respond, inside you'll find

That not all people are bad, everyone has their circumstances 

You have to break down some walls and start granting some chances

And even when people judge after first glances

Dont sweat the smalls so what matters enhances 


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6:00 AM and nothing to do but write,
so I will write.
I thought of you last night.
Your face glided passed my consciousness like a ghost,
Like a breeze that appears to have no source;
So were my remembrances of you.

I was your angel of light
Your knight in shining armor.
But I was deceived;
I was betrayed by my self-love
To trade my light for darkness
And my armor grew rust.

I could no longer protect you
Not even from myself
And so you left me
To die a death without you
To kill any hope of restoring my soul.

So I wandered
Further and further away
Until I grew homesick
I missed you
For home is where the heart is.
But although I wanted you back
I saw us for who we were
And the pieces of the puzzle didn’t seem to fit

So I went home
To find my Father waiting for me
He didn’t say “I told you so”
Instead, the only time I ever saw him run
Was when He ran for me
The only time I saw Him cry
Were tears of joy when I returned
He cried “This is my son! This is my boy!”
The only time I saw Him die, was when He paid my debt in full.
So tell me, whom do I love more?
Because I love Him, I love you also
For you are His as well
And I still love you,
But more than I ever have before.
May it always be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stayed up all night last night.... and had nothing to do. So I sat down and wrote this. Enjoy!

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Light and Dark

Pity the man, who sears his conscience,
He who loses sense of right,
They that plot another’s destruction,
There is no rest for the wicked.

Justice to the man, who kills his neighbor,
Judgment of God will fall on his head,
Pity to those whose light is darkness,
There is no rest for the wicked.

Pray for the man, whose way is lost,
Speak to those who don’t know right,
Seize the day, send them rest,
For there is no rest for the wicked.

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Psalm of The Broken


My eyes have not seen
And my ears have not heard
What my heart wants to know.
My tongue is a snake
A poisonous viper.
My hands are evil
But cannot leave me.
My soul is in torment
It haunts me day and night.
My heart is broken;
Love has long left it.

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I Wish I Could Help

My Love

I catch your eye
Across the room;
I see you want to cry.
I cannot help
But feel that I
Have caused this deep inside.

It never was
my intent
to make you want to die.
Who knew
that all of this
could come from one small lie?

There was a time
so long ago
when you thought that you could fly.
But now my lie
has broke your wings
and made you want to cry.

Your freedom's gone
so is your song
but malice ne'er had I.
So I'll break my wings
to give to you
so once more you can fly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem I wrote in about 2 minutes.... just practicing rhyming at first, but it led to so much more. Enjoy

To Say Goodbye,

Volume Three

To Say Goodbye,

Say goodbye,
To your dreams and watch, as they fade before your eyes
Remember that dream, that dream of you in that black dress
the way it hugged your hips oh it made my heart confess

“Sometimes we get one chance in this life to have something great
and sometimes we have to say goodbye and admit defeat.
Standing in the rain, your hand held out
baring all your pain, wishing for an easy way out”

I will not believe in lost chances, once in a lifetime romances
just as that memory haunts me, it also gives me hope and sets me free.
For that in this life, for one moment someone loved me for who I am
good, and bad, everything that I am. Priceless as such a rare gem.
As I can now see my heaven through the eyes of them.

Say goodbye,
as time passes on by, and I will know love once more before I die.
With visions of joy and bliss once I kiss your soft lips.
It's not a mirage, it might be an Illusion, my angel is real.
In this facade, truth can be found in emotion, all you have to do is feel.

“Sometimes we get a second chance, to correct a mistake
and sometimes we do not have to say goodbye to make a regret
There is a dream within my hand, growing wings to take flight
soaring high above the clouds with no doubts,
With a future that had never looked so bright.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmm not sure exactly where this came from, it was a whole 5 minute process and inspired by two muses :) go figure.