Secrets of the Heart


Secrets of the Heart
The heart is not the maker, but the bringer of all there is.
It changes to the soul of the person, good or evil.
The heart is honest, a liar, a lover, and a hater.
It feeds on hatred, and blossoms from happiness.
One word can tear it apart, and leave it defenseless.
A line can make it flutter, and skip a beat.
Or it can be cold like the steel iron of war, instruments of death.
Conveying landmarks throughout the pages of history.
Those who look too deep can become lost, hidden.
Or vanity can rise and one can easily reach the bottom.
Smiles and grins can change the surface from a hard shell into an open wound.
Soft like the pellets of a rose, can leave it open to pain and suffering.
Those who keep their iron shields will be free from damage, but lacking in joy.
A risk one must decide on their own.
Catastrophies full of lives could be torn at a whim, or saved by a request.
One strong enough could scatter apparitions across the planet, leaving echoes in the wind.
Simple yet complicated, just like the light and darkness.
All are different, and are all the same.
Without them, nothing will be pure, only destruction and chaos.
With them, nothing is sure, similar to life and death.
His is one of the utmost difficulty, filled with puddles and lakes.
In places there a barren desserts, filled with the devils of pleasure that run wild and prey on the souls of the innocent.
And in some there are vivacious creatures and beings filled with the energy and given the breath of life that compares to one at the Holy Ones gate.
For a while, no one was granted entrance into this heart, only fools who dared to try were quickly cast away, left in the wake of his horrid history.
Many came and gone trying to break this wall protecting his most sacred treasure, many thought they found the key, but were sadly mistaken.
But then came the day where there was One, the One who held the key.
Love was exchanged, or so it seemed, and he embraced her with all of his being.
Hiding nothing from her and doing his all to please her.
Spending every waking second trying to keep her with him.
But for some reason, unknown to him, she left him, betrayed his love and ripped his heart out of his chest.
The lies and promises she told him never left his head, haunting him day after day, constantly tearing at his soul.
He hated her, he loved her, he needed her, he despised her.
All these things attacking at once were too much to handle.
So he did what he thought was best, he destroyed his heart, voiding himself of emotion.
And after that day, he left a trail of broken hearts behind him, moving onto the next heart until he grew tired of it.
Then one day, he met another, One similar to the other, but yet very different.
This intrigued him, and he decided to play this little game and see how far it went.
But as time went by he realized how it was slowly turning from being a game and into someting more serious, more limpid.
Fearing of the pain that broke him once he tried to end it, thinking it would solve everything, but he was too late.
The door to his heart was wide open like the fields of Garden of Eden, and she was his Tree of Life.
He did what he could to get away from her, lying, cheating. But all in vain.
Her purity did not let his plan stain her, for her love was true, shining brilliantly.
He did not want to admit it and never showed her, but her love for him was as strong as his love for her.
She, unlike the other One, truly wanted to be with him and wanted to stay.
After time he finally realized the angel sent to him, and embraced her.
In time his heart healed, and was able to fully extend his love for her, and reach her outstretched hand.
Hard times went by to destroy their bond but all failed.
Their love is brighter than the light itself, and time is only making the rays even brighter.
The secrets of his heart were in the form of light and darkness.
Only light can defeat the darkness, and love is the purest form of light.

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