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I love making friends, So don't be shy I'm friendly, won't bite. =)

im a girl who has taking writting as my cure to my stressfull life. Every poem has a story that I have lived or seen. I am not a professional nor do I plan on being one, I just write when my head is about to explode!
Every poem I create comes from my heart, from my soul, so yes typos will be seen, but the feelings expressed are true as I wrote them.
I hope I have readers who give me feed back that will enhance my writting!

Thank you again for stopping by.

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a little island that sees no light. for years it is a lonely island yet one day and for nine months it creates a world shared between two humans. my little island host a human life.when life forms and it begins to grow, my island becoems visible. for nine months it is a door, a sign that my island is my baby! -Cool a poem was just formed! lol-

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''..i have promises to keep..before i sleep'' robet frost -stopping by the woods on a snowy evening-


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