Bring nothing but pain upon me. Dig your claws
within me just to let go. A stream of blood flowing
from my wounds.
Seeing my blood drip from your claws makes you grin.
Your eyes glow red like the fires of hell.
I watch as you slide your claws down my skin, you
go deeper into my skin, waiting for me to scream.
The screams that you were looking for escape my
lips burning them on the way out.

"No More Holocausts"

My Work

Stone cold monument
taking joy, from life.
One Holy Presence,
demands a sacrifice.

Hearts turning slowly,
from the Face of Love.
How can this be,
What was He thinking of?

Kidnapped from innocence;
with dreams torn apart,
I tripped in His Presence,
over my broken heart.

How could I begin to approach
His Holy Light?
All my good intentions
couldn’t cleanse me in His sight.

He spoke,”This is My Promise,
This Blood will cover you-
you will be my witness,
that My Love is ever true".

I saw blood upon the sand,
for me His Son had died.
"No, I screamed!"I did not understand,
Why was He crucified?

He pointed to an empty grave,
He said,"He is not here."
"Believe it, faith your life will save",
and then He drew me near.

"Your peace already cost a Life,
the price for it was won.
By the Perfect Sacrifice,
that lay in the Heart of My Son.

No more tear filled nights;
no more agony,
I will be your guiding light,
you can learn to trust Me.

In the Battle of the Ages,
no child will be lost.
Though hell and darkness rages,
no more Holocausts."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The price for me.

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