But It Can't Speak

You say you love

But love can't speak

And that it's wide

But is it deep?


Can you see

How fars its reach?

Love is blind

For it can't see


You say you love me

But it can't speak


I thought I felt it

But love can't feel

Was it a ghost?

Or something real


Sometimes I get caught up in thought

And then those words begin to haunt

Do you believe Love's reached it's peak?

I'd ask our love

But it can't speak


How do you gauge

This love we've amassed

It doesn't age

It will outlast


For love was here before we found

But by our love I will be bound

For the love we had I will always seek

I'd ask it to stay

But it can't speak

The Burden Of Love And The Consequence Of Blind Devotion

Azrael's War

"Was it not I who fought for you, who cast down punishment upon my own brethren in your name...who stood by your side during the first rebellion, and slay my own blood...was it not I who existed only to carry the greatest burden; one hand holding the light and the other bathing in blood. Now this mark of shame I shall bear for eternity...these horns of punishment I once cursed upon the fallen, I now carry."

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I Can't

Soul mates

What's the point? whats the use?
I can't handle not being your muse.
I look for meaning in your dark eyes,
I can't keep lying, myself I so realize.
I mask the dissapointment oh so well,
I can't believe that you just can't tell;
When you're the one who knew we fell?
If we were really all we could possibly be;
I can't believe you can't still feel it in me,
I see the honey melting in your gentle look -
I can't know the pieces of your heart I took
I left you in a hazy doubt by word, by needs
I could not go there, not by word or by deeds...
The rapturous torture, on my pain will ever feed,
On loves one and only pledge and this undying creed,
I can't let go of all that nearly was, we were effortless,
So close. A trick, a trace and we all lose face,
Hope, hope till nothing's left,
Barr unending grace...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haunted by the one you must lose all in this life to gain and lose in the one to come. happy to hear what you think :)

`A Piper Plays in Helmand`

They say a Piper plays in Helmand
For the Fallen cross the sea
His calming notes help the wounded
From the  mountains comes his strathspey
Not a soul has ever seen him
But the tribesmen do remind
That their forefathers first heard this strange sound
Back in 1839
So if you get lost in Helmand
Don’t worry unduly
You might just  hear the ghostly piper
On guard for British soldiers
From across the stormy sea


© Tony McNally

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Could You?

I believe in this life that there are people meant to be.

I believe that the Lord has someone meant for me,

and I believe in the word of Christ alone.

How could I not believe that he has the one...for me.

I can say that I know He loves me though I'm not perfect.

I can say that I believe in His everlasting love,

but can I say I'd do the same thing if push came to shove?

How couldn't I, know that it came from God above?!

If you had the person that you love,

would you do anything for them?

If you knew they were falling,

would you sacrifice yourself just to save them,

and if you truly loved them...

could you ever let them go,

hoping they'd come back again?

He did this for all of us, though we don't deserve it.

He died on that cross because we can't possibly earn it.

He believes in you and me, and he wants to make us see

that He'd do anything for our love, even die upon a tree!

If you had the person that you love,

would you do anything for them?

If you knew they were falling,

would you sacrifice yourself just to save them,

and if you truly loved them...

could you ever let them go,

with faith that they'd come back again?

I would do these thing because I believe

in the power of faith!

Nothing would stop me from saving them short of God Himself,

and what, from that, would He gain?

I believe that there is someone out there who is meant for me

I just wish that I knew she could see...

If I had the person that I love,

I would do anything for her.

If I knew she was falling,

I would sacrifice myself just to save her,

and if I truly loved her...

I could let her go,

knowing in my heart that she'd be back again...

because that's what true love is...sacrifice...

Could you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Angel Gazes Upon Me

I feel your gaze upon me

But yet I do not see

Thou the angel in white

But I've seen you in a dream

I lest the thought of your absence

But your presence lingers in my life

Bequeath your strength and wisdom

Guide me through this life

A silent prayer in my heart

I murmur with a cry and hope

Make me the man I want to be

Hold me and never let go

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe in God and angels... They protect us...

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You Keep Me Satisfied

I don't know what I think of you

My eyes so clear,

You see right through

Reading my soul,

As I express how I feel

Every touch,

Sends shivers through my body

Wishing I could hide;

Knowing you will catch me,

And attempt to open my mind.

Like a book,

You read my every thought.

With you,

I completely intertwine;

Wrapped up in time—

Hidden away from all man.

I am never quite happy,

But you keep me satisfied.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2004
(About a man I should never had began with)

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Find Me

Lying still, with an unveiling of layers.


Burdening the underneath of my shell.


Hidden from my mistaken life—

Stored inside.

Nothing seen by the naked eye—

Yet—exposed—is this little bit of trust.

I forgot to bury that piece of me;

Deeply hoping you would find me.

Know me better than you do;

Let no secrets be hidden—

Once I let you in.

Pick away, and shed my skin;

Expose my soul; read my sin.

Love me—not what I’ve seen.

Trust me, as I fall to you;

Lay with me in the ocean;

Climb a mountain to reach me;

Hike a valley into infinity.

See what I see, when I see you;

Know my words are true.

Stored away—

Is me—

Somebody; Anybody—

Attempt to reach me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 6/18/03

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I fear I may have fallen,

Into a trap of contentment.

You, some how, have enchanted me,

And you now have control of these strings.

I could never picture another life,

Or think to have thought in another way.

You are what I am;

And I you in, return.

Swallow me whole,

And breathe me in;

For I have found my bliss.

A life of love.

Happiness consumes my soul;

Sorrow settles it's presence.

This empty abyss,

Is some how filled—

With contentment.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in May of 2005

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