Multiverse Soul Mates








Multiverse Soul Mates




Worlds apart—are we

Sweet smiles dawned on each other

subconscious lovers

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Serenity Smiles by dfx

 There is no greater gift a man can recieve then that of a smile from the one that he adores

When she holds him and looks deep into his eyes, giving him that sweet smile that she reserves just for him, she can lift him to immense hieghts

And at that moment, nothing else matters and time stands still

Without a word he knows she loves him

In the tenderness of the night
A man feels complete lying beside the one with that loving smile

Both wanting to be so close that they touch the entire length of their bodies

His face nestled in her hair with an arm wrapping her dearly

His chest pressed against her back so their hearts may beat as one

Her bottom and his pelvis slow dance to a romantic rythem of passion and desire

Legs intertwined so even their feet and toes can caress the others

They are spooning

In the serenity of the moment just before sleep

When nothing else matters and time stands still, he is smiling

Without a word

she knows he loves her

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Soul mates

Oh love how can I stay away
when you still come to my rescue
oh love how can I ignore you
when you pull me down from the edge
Oh love how can I deny you
when you hold me close in your mind
Oh love how can I forget you
when you always come my way
oh love how can we go on like this
missing heartbeats everyday
our souls wrapped up in dedication
and our vows tied tight pulled apart
forced by duty and held there by honor
covered in promises too young to ever
understand that we would thus regret forever,
and here I am saved by your arms again
and never allowed to stay.

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This is my Reason

Soul mates

Ahhh, the sun is tucked away,
Hiding so that it may pounce
upon the moon when
she seductively passes;
hinting of moods to come.
News of their antics
are brought by the winds
And the cool fresh breeze
deftly strokes my face
Inviting me to breathe in deeply
And draw in the cleansing air.
I look to the beaming brightest star;
And I think of my poetry
Lines in verses;
Verses in stanzas;
swapping lines weaving imagery
in the filigree of intricately placing
these haphazardly chosen words,
into emotive candles in the wind.
A Signalling of what I am; of life and soul.
There are no whispers in my poetry,
they are my words for me.
Sometimes they are elusive and
play endless tip-chasey like
The sun chasing moon's shadow
Moon chasing the sun's light.
And like some small sliver of the moon,
these words are all I have
in lieu, of warm arms and gentle caresses
here with my pleasant company
for a while in a stolen moment.
Perhaps as some small recompense
I offer these to you, as if it is all I have
Never partaking of this impossible love.
Happy just to look upon eachother
And enjoy the company alone it brings
us thus you and I and my why.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost the first draft trying to catch it before I forget :( oh well better this than nothing... :)

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Chasm of Trust

Traces of your tip left indelible marks of burning desire
The closeness of your breath raised puckered mounds reaching up
Your eyes desirous and fierce with the aggravation of the endless barriers
Your hand so close to my cheek magnetically drawing closer

The lost longing little boy look in those baby brown eyes pleaded for a second
Then you clenched your fist so tight I heard your knuckles crack 
Starting to shake frustrated in front of me then slapped it on the wall by my nape 
Your arms capturing me in your trap leaning over breathing each other in.
You move close, electrically close within a hair's width
so close we feel each other's charge in the minute chasm
brush lovingly past. your lips part wider. 

I lower my eyes breathless totally in your control,
you own the moment I'm held hostage by the want,
the need to affirm you in my soul through my flesh
I hang there jaw raised, eyes lowered waiting an eternity,
I've given up weak

Silently begging for the join that brings me peace
then I feel the charge recede 
I know something's gone
I ached for its missing the instant it was gone
Reconnecting again in the tips of dexterity, no you said.
I have loved so long to build this trust
Let us not defile this with an ordinary lust. 

As you left I knew.
As I stayed you knew.
This is not the end.

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I Can't

Soul mates

What's the point? whats the use?
I can't handle not being your muse.
I look for meaning in your dark eyes,
I can't keep lying, myself I so realize.
I mask the dissapointment oh so well,
I can't believe that you just can't tell;
When you're the one who knew we fell?
If we were really all we could possibly be;
I can't believe you can't still feel it in me,
I see the honey melting in your gentle look -
I can't know the pieces of your heart I took
I left you in a hazy doubt by word, by needs
I could not go there, not by word or by deeds...
The rapturous torture, on my pain will ever feed,
On loves one and only pledge and this undying creed,
I can't let go of all that nearly was, we were effortless,
So close. A trick, a trace and we all lose face,
Hope, hope till nothing's left,
Barr unending grace...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haunted by the one you must lose all in this life to gain and lose in the one to come. happy to hear what you think :)


Let the darkness fall like a veil over me,
Welcomed safety in cold covered night be,
As warm as the being is wrapped in my thighs,
The ice living disguised within heatedly despised,
Longing the eternal flame to thaw my soul in vain,
Hope sprung forth slight encounters capture my disdain
The unrelenting heist the hostaged heart's writhing pain.
Oh darkness come, cover me a veil of freedom
Let me be in my lovers grace in my minds kingdom,
Protected entrapped 'er I go, time, space, place, in between,
No hope, no place, no time for soul love to redeem,
but oh for the moments veiled in darkness
The respite of gentle loving glints heartens,
I am free of sight and bound by thought,
Living through the day brings effort for naught,
In the dark my lover can't see my lying eyes,
In the dark my heart can let go the sighs,
Pouring out the love in the unconcious mind,
Free to sleep, to dream true loves peace find,
To be all and feel all that love doth binded,
Transcendent, unconditional, supernatural, unblinded,
I am with you in the unending light,
Farewell my soul love till we meet forever, in the endless night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And still...

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Waiting on Shelly

For years I'd been told my waiting was wasted
on time that could've been used for anything but,
so I took to their chiding and sought out a hole
betwixt all my barriers to set out to frightful
territories botched and littered with bottles,
hopeful and happy to have learned what I learned.

But there in the dankness that stuck to my throat,
buried in dark which hid all my features,
I had none to offer all the prettiest maidens
who sought but a drink and mild conversation.
Some gave me promise to make contact in days,
but no one came through and how could I blame them?
So I turned into trash that blew into corners,
and gripped on the glass to drink from and smoke.
Then came a moment of abrupt realization,
and I looked all around to those called my peers;
realized that I had nothing to give them,
and set down my drink to walk out the door.

Now I am simply waiting on Shelly
to arrive or to form or be born from my heart.
And when she arrives she'll never depart,
because she'll find center at best within me.
She'll teach me to see the good I've in stock
and show me the new and novel and bright.
I'll rely upon her, she'll rely upon me
to bring about something amounting to joy,
setting aside all beasts of our burdens,
lost in the throes of our bond and our loving.

And say what you will, she may not exist,
but the time I've spent waiting is for all the best.
The people I've met have all disregards
for me and my type and my way and my being.
But Shelly will see, if she's ever in town,
the shining in me and the love I have gathered,
only for her and the tips of her fingers,
down to each pressing and pumping of hearts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello if you're out there.

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i love you....wip since 7/4/09 continuing to present...

i love you for who you are
the you who is in love with me
the you only for me to see
i love you,
for what you want us to be
you i love can we be we?
i love you,
for exactly who you turned out to be
the you who YOU revealed to me
you i will love eternally
whose touch can show exponentially
that you love me.

i love you,  i love you
our love is all that will ever matter
reciprocate so my heart doesn't shatter
silence the chatter
just by making the pain scatter
mend these hearts so frayed and tattered

I love you for the truths that you always speak pushing me toward my peak as i leak my deepest emotions and my knees get weak

i love you, i love me, i love you....
can we be we until we don't breathe?
and when we are old can not see,
we'll think and speak of times when we loved endlessly
my beloved thee, you feelin me?
i feel you too and your love is oooooooooooh....

i love you til the world is invisible
til all my emptiness is full
and whatever comes from you i'll do to prove my love for you is true

I love you, for who YOU ARE,
not for who you try to be,
but for who unravel and reveal yourself to be to me,
I LOVE you,
the you who is in love with me,
who only has a heart to be loving me eternally
so gracefully and passionately
knowing our love is meant to be as you share your heart with me...

i love you so much my hands are open and i already let go of the contents as i was hopin you'd be sent to fill my empty space for real and be the 1 i feel can heal the hole that was created by this intense desire to retire from playing with fire seeking that thing i require from you.

I love you my every shout whispers it loud; iluvu 3words with enough clout to erase all doubt

can you see what i'm sayin, do you know what i mean? when you want what you want, there's no in betweens. you get what you ask for, when you give you recieve, never second guess if you truly believe

i had to take stock of a few things that had me perplexed about me before i could ok us being we...
baby these issues inside had my mind
completely lost from my truest design
it's not right to walk around blind,
being unkind, unable to unwind and
unfairly inclined to hit below the belt when it's not time to melt

I love you though you see past me

Don't think clearly and

don't hear me

When our eyes meet 

You don't miss a beat

Loving me like a treat

Cuz that's what happens when true love greets...

It syncs

i love you to the point that i am incurable
to the point that being without you would be terminal
i love and baby i just can' not seem to let it go

it's just you the way you express with your sweet caress
loving me differently from the rest, no pressure, no stress
inspiring my very best  i am blessed
when i lay in your chest  to rest

heartbeat gluing me into to you
sounds of the world are inaudible
don't you know, it's you i love
and it was ordained from up above

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am not only loving you, but in LOVE with YOU alone... do you know who i am, like i know you with my heart? as my eyes are closed i feel you and love you always in many ways i feel your gaze when you are not looking at me...

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