don't flush in my ear

never blush when in fear

elastics break sometimes snap

pancakes can't be all sweet

trick my memory

clean out my inventory

of files of folks

for fuck sakes

for fucking flamingos

don't fear my smile

never fall weak for my eyes

this isnt for real

this isnt for fun

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I Want America Back

Under God

Teach me now to watch and pray,

Draw me nearer day by day,

And hear me as I cry today

I want America Back!!

The land I love in which I live

Has many gifts which thou did give,

Will you please our sins forgive?

I want America back!!

For purple mountain majesty,

For amber waves from sea to sea,

Can, for these, thy grace we see?

I want America back!!

For the blood of fallen men

Who fought that, in the bloody end,

This gospel we could freely send.


I long to hear the old-time ring

As nearly every man did sing:

Jesus is our only king!!!

I want America back!!

I put aside my fleshly lust

And boldly chant "In God we trust"

Fight and die if I must

I want America back!!

Jesus hear me as I plead,

Thy power and grace we always need,

and thy shed blood... please intercede!

I want America back!!

Will God's people follow me

To fight for law in liberty,

Will they start to finally see

YOU want America back?!

This prayer I end in this accord

I cannot stand without you, Lord.

My tool of vict'ry, they dear word!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came on November 26, 2006 as a result of God's call on me to be a missionary to our great land.

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"Wait for Me"

Rain pounds and strikes the window pane.

Eyes search the steaming skies for a rainbow,

but then it never appears.

There's nothing but dust inside this heart.

I keep reaching inside, but not deep enough,

and then I drown on dry air.

Wait for me; I want to meet you there...

Don't abandon me; please, just wait a bit longer.

So much for the love that should heal us.

With feelings torn away to reveal soft skin,

you can't disguise the past.

Death makes his rounds in the cities.

We always think there will be a tomorrow,

but then we're just fools.

Wait for me; I want to meet you there...

Don't forget me; please, just wait a bit longer.

Stalk the streets alone in suffering night.

The truth rings clear within each mind to know

that we're sentenced to fail.

Our breaths dance away leaving us cold.

Each moment I count the time when those

forsaken breaths shall end.

Wait for me; I want to meet you there...

Don't forget me; please, just wait a bit longer.

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Three Years

Three years we have been together

I love you now and forever

We don’t talk like we used too

But I still need you

As much as I did three years ago

You’re sitting right there and I miss you so

You sit there and play your video game

And I ignore you just the same

I feel like I take last place

But you say that’s not the case

We changed a lot over three years

But I love you so much my dear

I don’t know what to do

About what’s happening between me and you

I don’t want you to change for me

I just wish things where like they used to be

But that’s impossible

Three years changes people it’s unavoidable

So I take your way of talking to me

Because well that’s the only way we can be

I get so scared you will leave

And arguing  is all we achieve

I just wish you would show me you care

But you just ignore me and it’s so unfair

I get so frustrated when it seems like you don’t see me

It’s gotten so bad I just give in and agree

I don’t want this shit to be like this any more

I have felt so many times like walking out the door

But I love you so much baby

I was just thinking maybe

You could notice me a little bit

There is something I admit

I try so hard to do the same to you

But I can never make it through

I guess I love you more than you love me

I’ve always known this to some degree

I would give anything for you to look at me

The way I’ve always looked at you baby

I just don’t know how to make you love me

I wish I could just make you believe

That we where honestly meant to be together

I hope you will stay with me forever

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Cela commence par une minuscule lumière à l’horizon.

Cette lueur d’espoir à peine apercevable, sauf pour moi.

Je m’y attache, je m’en approche, je perds d’un coup la raison,

Car cette fois-ci, la lumière m’éblouit, m’emplissant d’effroi.

Cette lumière, différente des autres, me laisse m’approcher,

Elle ne me repousse pas, du moins est-ce mon impression.

Arrivant lentement au but, je décide de mettre ma peur de côté,

Mes yeux ne sont pas habitués à la lueur, exposés à l’ablation.

La lumière est à présent devenue flamme, brûlant de mille feux,

A dix pas du halo enflammé, s’établit une barrière invisible

M’interdisant tout pas vers l’avant, mais je décide de rester preux

Et de ne pas revenir en arrière, affrontant le mur indestructible.

Le mur invisible prend soudainement forme, la forme d’une bête

Noire, cornue, sauvage et gargantuesque à la mortelle fourrure.

Mes armes sont pourtant impuissantes face au démon me tenant tête.

Il n’y a qu’une seule solution, laisser le feu consumer la créature.

Je sens la flamme m’appeler au secours, ayant peur d’être écrasée

Par ce même démon censé veiller à ce qu’elle ne soit jamais éteinte.

Le feu, a besoin d’un cœur en sacrifice, afin de continuer de brûler,

Et je suis prêt à le livrer, ayant besoin de cette embrasante étreinte.

Mais le démon ayant comme devoir de protéger cette précieuse flamme,

Est en même temps devenu un danger, risquant de l’étouffer à tout moment.

Le nom de la bête s’intitule Damoclès, bonheur confondu avec souffrance,

Détruisant félicité et liesse, empêchant la vie, répandant mort et inexistance.

C’est pourquoi il me faut trouver le moyen de lui faire goûter ma lame,

Enduire mon épée du feu martial pour le battre à l’unisson.

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Hello, Darling

How are you?

Can’t wait to talk again

I miss you dearly

I hope you know


That you’ve been on my mind

For the longest time

Hello, Darling

Come home soon

I need your warm embrace

To hold me close tonight

Together warm and tight

I’ll be here

For you, Dear

Waiting patiently

Anxiously ready

Inspired by: Emmett Hudson

Created on: November 3, 2006 – 01:25

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This Day of Respect

This day I hold, in ultimate respect,

for this is the day, you made so great,

you are for me, and I for you,

Fate tells us now, we are the few.

Together for always, we must be,

for this is god's plan, for both you and me,

No army can seperate, nothing can be done,

Just truth and honesty, Else there will be no fun.

This I write to you, for you are always here,

You never leave my head, so glad you're here for me,

You will always be in my heart, no matter what becomes,

This shall be forever, a whole lot of tender love.

I see you there, looking upon me,

Wonder what you're tihnking, hoping it is of glee,

Hoping you will come, right on over to me,

forever wishing you were here, right in these arms, be free.

Anything, anywhere, I would do for you,

Everything, Everywhere, I shall fight for you,

Another thing, Another palce, Always there for you,

No matter what, No matter how, I will do anything,

Anything for you.

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Remember Every Promise

Ah, Love! True and sweet! And forever young!

This moment, from my heart, true love is my tongue!

Not “memory”, but real-and-now, love and life and breath!

My passion is an ardor beyond death!

Remember every promise!

First-wed, we mastered living, hand-in-hand.

Our glass let pass its grains of golden sand.

With sons and daughters God fulfilled our life,

as stronger grew young-love of husband and wife.

Remember every promise.

We built our path securely, brick by brick.

Our rising suns, and setting, seemed so quick!

Love stays strong; flesh grows further from its prime.

Last-lines are written, no higher paths we’ll climb;

remember every promise.

Love me as you knew me….as you knew me,

not as I’m lying here. This is not me!

Love me “then”, love me in “yesterday.”

“Do Not Resuscitate”. They’ll pull the plug, I’ll slip way:

Remember Every Promise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From real life.

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You Are

You are the beauty in my life

The point on my knife

Your words are so strong

Your soul I hold long

You are the bone in my back

The only ONE in the stack

My heart and my soul

The jelly in my roll

You are the man that I need

The Father of our Seed

My friend and my foe

I'm Happy that I know

You own the kiss on my lips

My body, curves, and hips

You are the other half of me

You're the only MAN I'll ever see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

June 13, 2003
dedicated to my husband Daniel

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