Find Me

Lying still, with an unveiling of layers.


Burdening the underneath of my shell.


Hidden from my mistaken life—

Stored inside.

Nothing seen by the naked eye—

Yet—exposed—is this little bit of trust.

I forgot to bury that piece of me;

Deeply hoping you would find me.

Know me better than you do;

Let no secrets be hidden—

Once I let you in.

Pick away, and shed my skin;

Expose my soul; read my sin.

Love me—not what I’ve seen.

Trust me, as I fall to you;

Lay with me in the ocean;

Climb a mountain to reach me;

Hike a valley into infinity.

See what I see, when I see you;

Know my words are true.

Stored away—

Is me—

Somebody; Anybody—

Attempt to reach me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 6/18/03

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