Tales and Fables
They say that love is an action
Not a feeling
Then why did I feel that way
Like spiraling down Charybdis 
To the sound of your siren song
Your haunting melody embraced my mind
Teasing me, clutching my heart
Until I could do no more than listen
The pain in your voice evident
The struggle against your very nature
How I wish that I could have saved you
That I had borne you far away
But you knew my thoughts
You sensed my intentions
And saved me instead 
From the surf of your tsunami
So now I sit alone on the sand
And perhaps my greatest torture 
Is standing on the shore of your pain 
And crying out to the oceans that separate us 
To receive nothing but silence in return.
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Light and Dark

Sometimes I hear the ghosts of my past

Often they whisper in my ear

Just out of consciousness

Barely audible, but present


Memories of those gone by

Now immortal in my mind

Forever they'll exist in me

Or at least as long as I live


For we are scars on the membrane of time

Carving our existence deep into it's flesh

Dying to gain immortality

Our existence tantamount to the memories of others



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Love Never Goes Away

I think about you every day,

these memories never seem

to go away,


I know its you who I love the most,


I'm going to have to live with these

feelings for the rest of my life


Always worrying about what happened

to you; if I caused you to suffer.


Wondering if you ever think about me in

the way I think about you


I hope you live a good life,

I wish I could tell you that I love you

but I'll never get to see you again anyways


I wrote this poem, only for you and no one else,

because your the only one that I love deep down


I've had dreams about you that we meet again,

when I see people that look like you, I immediately think of you,

it causes me much pain.


These feelings are never going away,

always in my heart will you remain


Life is not fair

and often denies you what you want most


You are always reminded of your failures

you can never escape your past


Love will imprison you for life,

but I would not have it any other way.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

The one who I really love. My true love. I don't usually write often about this subject, because I keep it deep within. Its hard to talk about.


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Human racing

Human racing

By jfarrell


(inspired by Nik Kershaw’s “Human racing”)


We are all trying to get ahead of each other

To be the first, to be the best

To be the wealthiest


We look down on each other

And curse and hate and hurt

Anything to get ahead.


But that isn’t the race.

There is no finish line;

Coming first, doesn’t matter.


The race

Is what we are running from;

The tinkle of sand in the glass;


It’s autumn

The time for harvest

And his scythe is razor sharp and ever ready


The ancient rustle of fabric

The stale odour on the air

The breath on the back of your neck


THAT is the race.

Let’s go Human Racing.


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If life was like a letter

And reality a dream

If love was somewhat better

Alive but less extreme


If the past was dead and rotten

And Death was just a door,

Then I could bear your loving scars

For now and evermore

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Black Hole

Into the black hole,

we all shall go,

completely erased

from existence,


The annihilation,

of a life's work


the light cannot escape



the shadow that lingers,

will decimate everything,

all chaos brought back to 0


The timeless sleep, completely

absent of thought, nothingness

into infinity


The black hole of death,

where many shall enter,

but none shall leave,

the timeless sleep:

prepare to dream

about nothing.






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My Masterpiece

Stages of Change

I found him small

    when he was happy

        and oh so innocent


When at night I could see him,

     he would close his eyes

         and wished he was normal

             like everyone else


So he began calling out

     and there I was 

          guiding him to his normalization.


I wrapped real tight

      he had trouble speaking

         so he had no choice

              but hear my whispering voice


I got his arms so he could stop

       stop fighting and let me consume him.


When one night he did.

       Now look at him,

           My Masterpiece


He was different, and now he is like everyone else

You can't tell from which is which.

Which stone is his?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not my greatest but sure is the newest. I made it in the perspective of the "devil" or the inner demons that whisper and whisper until you can't take it anymore.


Let me Know if you have any questions.

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I've. Already. Died.


Were my life to just cease,

Would it even be a great loss?

Or would their grief, for me,

Be so hard to come across?


Would any weeping ensue,

With a heart that's so aching?

From their guilt of the years,

Convinced I, was only faking?


And would they even feel sorry,

For tossing me carelessly away?

For breaking my aching heart?

For causing me, such dismay?


Will they realize how I've hurt,

Because of their frequent inactions?

For blaming me for it all?

And for contrived-false infractions?


I feel buried-cold and forgotten,

Despite how hard I have tried.

Because nowadays, it's like,

..........I've. Already. Died.


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There Coming To Get You Barbara

There Coming To Get you Barbara

out for a ride to drop off flowers for their mother
just for Barbara & her brother
pulled up to the cemetery & looked around
a chill in the air got there late for day light savings time

Suddenly a figure crawls out at the scene
shadows block the image in their mind
demonic creatures had lurched through the portals of space
next came a tug from her brother shirt then a fight ensued

a myriad chase was underway cracking one zombie in the head
next the brother gets knocked over the head
Barbara frantic now runs to the nearby car
going too fast she puts on the gas

slamming into a tree
next she gets out of the car & runs to a nearby vacant house
it was the invasion of the zombie people
no stained glass moment or church steeple

She vaguely remembers her brother saying, "There coming to get you Barbara...
the creatures fight to get inside her dwelling she is surrounded
it's the night of the living dead

Some crazy things going on inside her head
closer they come yet she stands guarded by a humble man
sullen creatures of the night with viscous fangs that bite
blood dripping off the side all need to run away & hide

There is no escape now...

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