We have never met
Not in this realm
But we know each other 
So well……………………..
Its hit and miss
If I meet you again
The vale of sleep descends
Where shall I go?
Toss the coin
Throw the dice
You are perfect
I love you……………..
You opened the door for me
One day…………………..
We will enter…………..
Never to wipe the sleep from my eyes
But home……………….
What is a dream?
Maybe its real?
Just maybe………….
I will Rest In Peace.

© Tony McNally

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Eternity's Plan

I wish I were the note that made you smile.

I wish I were the key that sway your head

To the tune you listened to all the while

And played before you crept into the bed.

The bed I wish were still mine. Yet I sing

The lullaby you sang when you lay in my mind

And play like a motif. The distinctive ring

Of your voice forever in the mind entwined.

But Death was deaf to our sweet song sung-

Just as we were blind to Eternity’s plan;

Onto the hopes of harmony we clung

Until the very last moments of our span.

At last, I have learnt to master that piece-

A hymn I must play, now you are at peace.

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a man's living nightmare

Stormy, stormy ships quietly love a cold, lively sail. 

Carrying soldiers who arrived at the land knowing that war never prevails.
The world didn't want this battle.
Yet our ignorance sent our men into a different angle. 
Thousands of bodies fill the entire shore. 
These men fell hard, like rain onto the mainland. 
Come take quickly! Guns of the dead and boots galore! 
Might as well coat our blood on to your enemy's hand. 
War consists of destroying the enemy until they surrender
But what we never think about is how the world would be like after 
People back at home are happy that we won using our bombs
Yet they'll never know what it means to fight in the middle of a hell known as Vietnam 
Soldiers go home, after watching their friends die
They feel the warmth of their families but could never find that true peace of mind 
These men stand still as they watch the mothers of the deceased cry
And its because they're having a hard time finding tears that once left them blind
Celebrations fill the lands of the winners, 
While the enemy suffers from destruction full-scale. 
The most faithful people were turned into sinners 
because of a war that will never prevail.  

what they said about death

i met my soul mate last night
he introduced himself as the perfect mix of drunk and high
a crumpled cigarette hung loosely between his lips 
as he intoxicatedly fingered his lighter
i gently replaced his hands with my own
lighting the cigarette with the flick of my thumb
"a beautiful girl who lights my cigarettes?
 they said death would come slow 
 but they didn't say it would come
 with you."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hi guys i'm new

this is my first poem on here

it's a retelling of my night last night

i love reviews; the good, the bad, and the ugly

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Goodbye letter

I write this letter to you
Saying that I am going to miss you
Saying farwell to our memories
Saying farwell to everything we had

We shared everything together

Laughter, Love, Sadness, Joy
We broke each others heart
But we always went back again

When you read this, I will be long gone
Taken by God's hand up to heaven
I know what I did to you
And I would do it again

You have so much more in life
More than I ever could give you

I'm writing this letter to show you
That I love you and always will
I did what I could to make you happy

It's time for me to say Goodbye now
I will see you in heaven

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Fourteen Years Ago Today

Fourteen years ago today tragedy struck and my life has never been the same

I remember it like it was yesterday

Within seconds it was all over and I knew that it was gonna be the last time ...

For everything


Blunt force trauma to the head

On life support ... no brain activity

She's brain dead

She's taken off life support


This is not how I imagined saying goodbye

She'd just turned 3 and I'd just turned 5

I'd been forced to take on the mother-like role before it was my time

But I didn't care because as far as I was concerned, I was her mother

Through no fault of our own, we were robbed of our childhood and our innocense


He has no conscience

No remorse

He's a fuckin' sociopath


"We, the jury, find Donnell Joseph Demetrius Dutch guilty of felony murder."

He escapes the death penalty and life in prison

He's sentenced to 40 to 50 years in prison with the possibility of parole; (over my dead body) plus an additional 17 years for negligence and he has to do half of that 40 to 50 year sentence before he's eligable for parole

He's dying in prison

I don't know if he's came to that realization yet,

But on everything I love

I will ensure that he spends the rest of his days behind bars

It's not a threat

It's a promise

R.I.P. Layla La'Chelle Randolph (Mogwai)

April 9, 1999 - May 5, 2002

"Guardian Angel"






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April's an evil bitch in heat

You can do this

So much space now

April's showers mock the salty puddles under your face

Too much pain to turn the pillow over

They go into heat in April

Sowing wild oats, too selfish to think of how they are hurting their best friends

She is cursed, this April month like she's always been

Some of you already know

You get to finally find out who your friends were not

Some of your friends survive another blessed April

Life because she needs to feed on the death

Before she can deliver her wrath

Got all this space made for more than just you

Got nothing holding you back or up

Grab your device, go to work, sleep and repeat

Until April returns again, gear up with friends to spare

It isn't you.  It's not even them

But you are right, it is like you are being tortured

Left with so much strength and space and truer, fewer friends




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still alive

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Hand Written
"To think, 
back when I had asked
the exhausted man looking back,
eyes bloodshot, 
cheeks lined with scruff,
sweat on brow,
mr. mirror, who are you? 
Why are you here?
To think, 
years ago, barely alive,
that five more since then
I'd be sitting in this chair, 
typing away like I once did,
amid all the vivid scenes
that replay in my head,
when I could be dead,
instead flit the pen,
the flutter it dances across the page,
not my life away,
but my name,
in another book,
the fifth,
the poetry that has kept me alive,
kept me going,
from the time I wanted to die,
words spinning for no reason
to now,
hard to believe 
that perhaps destiny
kept me writing,
and I have succeeded.
Not in making it big,
not in making money,
but making art.
Five years apart."
Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been a while! Please stay tuned for what's next! (Serious, this time!)

Winter Blood


She stepped out into the night

From out of the Nightmare came a cry

The creature's somber humming ever so quiet

luring the unsuspecting into a frenzy

She is all that stands between

a world of ire and a world of light

The shadows writhe in horror;

their ghastly creation a pale abhorrence

She was to be their Chosen One

A warrior angled to live more

than just a hollow existence

The souls were as bright as the stars

But unearthly blood stained the

tips of her hair, her sword, and her solace

Drop by drop it tinged the ground

The beastly burden of loss

The last chance to take a final breath

And all of it- gone.

No second chance.

However, the silence hungers and from

the fires she wakes

She steps out onto the plains

A blizzard creeps down her spine

The Demon Ruins she must bide

One last stop to sharpen the blade

Fill up the flask and check her Faith

The fool she may be

But bathed in blood, a kingdom undone

She will walk the unknown, let her story unfold

To find the truth

To end the curse

...of Winter Blood


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchise :)