still your daughter.

I wish you understood that
the storm in my eyes is not meant to
strike down your branches but i just have trouble
holding the flood above my palpebral dam and
concealing the darkening and contorted surface of my planet

I wish you understood that
the aftermath was never yours to
rummage through and salvage but instead a mess you
must learn to see from your view and
still hold all the bits and pieces in your arms and call it your daughter

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Love Child - A Lesson In Algebra

X is a baby,
X is a child,
X is a sinner,
X has gone wild,
X is a girl,
X is a boy,
X is a bastard,
X is a toy,
X is mischievious,
X is enlightened,
X is the way,
X can be frightened,
X is sarcastic,
X, a delight,
X is the darkness,
X is the light,
X is a woman,
X is a man,
X is resentful, forgiving,
...it can,
X is a mountain,
...a river,
...a sun,
X is the MANY,
X is the ONE,
X is insatiable,
...satisfied, complacent,
X is a variable,
...but can have no replacement,
X is intelligence,
X is deformed,
X can be funny, sad,
X is quite perfect,
...but also has flaws,
X is a life,
X is a cause,
X is a tear that runs down all our cheeks,
X is resilient,
...and yet,
...x is weak,
X is my daughter,
X is my son,
...when the journey's begun,
X becomes kindness,
...when below is above,
...and all answers refer back to X,
X is LOVE.

Child of Cost

I cried out to you as a loving father would his own daughter, I begged you to turn back, to come back.
In darkness she did wonder, escaping the grip of my hands to slip away into the pull of the currents that brought her under.
Swept a far beyond my eyes, there she lye covered in flies.
The first pitch of dirt shoveled did no trouble to the face it capped,
Her naked body lay still beneath the weight of the earth,
never to be seen again in the way she was perched .
Though we search, their wicked deed was well hid,
 so also were the shameful schemes she often did.
Oh my precious child, I would never have considered to put a price on you,
Because your soul you did bother to sell,
you were bought at the very expense of your life.
Oh now how I wish you would tell,
What it is that you gained at the end of his knife?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please if you will, any comments you have on my poem are welcomed. I hope this is a good peom, but if you will let me know what you think about it. thank you for reading :)

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For My Darling Daughter!

Now, I don’t really care, she is my grown-up girl
Once I was the oyster to protect my baby pearl

That was the time, to her a lullaby I would sing
She would gently fall asleep, beneath my caring wings

And now is the time, my girl is busy, full of aggression
Wrinkles on my eyes desperately seek her attention

Then a day arrived when she said,
‘Mum it’s your birthday, let’s celebrate’

At home I awaited her, for a mother-daughter meet
I cooked chicken for her that day, my darling loves it!

But she dint turn up as promised, my heart sank
I consoled myself, she must be playing pranks

She came home late night, no wishes, no celebration
Just a ‘Good Night’, she had forgotten the occasion

Hush lil heart! She is grown up after all, those emotions won’t stay
Hope she is in safe hands, from the core of my heart I pray!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A message from a mother to her really busy daughter... i love my mum and care for all those who at this age need to seek attention from their child.

Be Yourself

Stand up for what you believe
And use your big girl words.
Now sit down, shut up,
No need to make such a fuss.

You need to be grown-up,
Independent, Self-Sufficient,
Well-Informed, and Educated.
And Honest. Genuine, Full of Courage,
Optimistic, Sympathetic, Empathetic,
Passionately Subdued and Compassionately Distant.

Don’t worry I will always love you
I support everything you do
As long as it fits with my perfect world,
Fits with what I’ve planned.

I promise to let you fly when you’re ready.
Leap from the nest on your own terms.
But since you are an adult now,
Some shoving is in order.

Stay at home as long as you can.
It’s a harsh world. I wish I had.
With that being said, don’t you think
It’s time to leave? When I was your age I-

Now hold up. Wait a minute.
Let’s put some perspective to it.
I’ve got a job. I go to school.
Look mom I ain’t no fool.

I spent my life saying ‘look at me’
But you were always too busy to see.
It’s not that you were never there,
It’s just that you never cared.

Where were you all my life?
A loving mother? A perfect wife?
What about when dad went away?
Did you even try to make him stay?

It feels like I’m just a toy.
Something used to bring you joy.
That was, till I got old.
Now I’m on a shelf, growing mold.

Do you hear what I’m saying?
The toon I’m playing?
The hurt and the pain
Falling like rain
On my window pane.
Am I still sane?
I’m still sane.
I’m still sane.

I hate that you make me feel this way
And as I bow my head to pray
It’s not for me but for another
My sweet, caring, and lovely mother.

I hope you find what you are looking for.
That missing thing. That ‘something more’
I hope you find it before it’s too late.
Before my brother meets my fate.

You and I are beyond repair.
But not my brother. He’s still there.
If you want him in your life.
It’s time to be that loving mother. To be that perfect wife.

You’ve only got one shot at this
And I think you are going to miss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first posted poem. More to come I hope! ^^

Take care be good

I can't wait to see your newborn baby face
To have you as my child is something I can't replace
Can't wait to hold your fragile little body in my arms
I'll always be there cause your cry is my fire alarm
You don't ever have to worry cause daddy's got your back
Please don't cry, just take a nap and baby just relax
You don't need to rush, just take things at your own pace
I can't wait to do things with you like tie your shoe lace
I promise to be a good father and raise you right
You will be my first son I know that you'll be so bright
To you my little buddy I want to be Mr. Incredible
Can't wait for your birthday it will be a festival
Longing to see your face with daddy's smile
I know I'm ahead of myself and that it'll be a while
Cause mommy doesn't have you, That is still in store
I'm excited for the future and I can't wait til you're born

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not saying I want a kid its just that I'm imagining what it'll be like having a kid.

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Little Melisa so precious and pure.
So innocent and niave.
Why did I leave?
I had to go, it was the only way.
I promise you will see one day.
I'm here for you, miles will never keep us apart.
You are my meaning my reason for being.
I lay and cry even though your right here.
For I know I will be gone tomorrow.
I fight with my life to give you in time what's right.
So you don't feel this hurt. So you will have a better way.
When you grow you will know. They can't keep the truth from you.
Till then I try, I cry I eat this pain and feed from it.
This pain is my strength to fight.
You be happy little girl while I fight the world.
While I do the work you become yourself.
Become what you are supposed to be I will handle the misery.
I made this happen it's no lie. So thats why I cry.
I made the choices you see. So I deserve this misery.
These words will never decribe how I feel inside, but hide the lie and tears I cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about what I am going through with my daughter.

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Was, Is and Is to Come....when?

With these words, my glass is totally half full,
I’ve had some, nothing now and oh so hopeful.

In church I cried this morning when I heard this song,
Because my “Is” hasn’t been “Is” for so very long.

I’ve had my “Was”….and it was great!
It is “Is to Come” for which I wait.

My heart is aching and aging for sure,
To keep it young she is the cure.

I am heavily leveraged on “Is to Come”,
Sweetcheeks I love you and have way more than some!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song this morning while attending church stirred me...I linked it to my daughter

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....and she loved her mom too

I erred in not why but how I departed
Unfortunately I left her so broken hearted
I love her so this will always be true
I think she still loves me, but she loves her mom too
By her side she helped mend her mom’s pains
Her feelings for her would never wane
As the years pass my pain intensely grows
For you see she is with her…for she loves her mom too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflecting on my strained relationship with my daughter since my divorce

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