For My Sarah

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For My Sarah


My little girl, you're all grown up,
Into a beautiful young woman now.
The years flew by us, oh so fast,
And I don't quite know, just how.


It seems like only yesterday,
That I held you in my arms.
I finally had my little baby girl,
Who stole my heart with her charms.


Now here you are, in cap and gown,
With childhood ways in the past.
For today you graduate high school,
The moment you've waited for at last!


My daughter, I am so proud of you,
For all that's led you to today.
And this is just the beginning,
Of wonderful things for you, I pray.


Remember daughter, no matter what,
Life may do, or bring to your door-
Always keep God at the center,
And your heart will never be poor.


Remember too, that I'm always here,
No matter how far you may roam.
No matter where life takes you, or what you do,
I will always be waiting here, at home.


God Bless you, Sarah, every moment,
And especially now, at this milestone.
Know that I love you with all my heart,
As you begin this grownup life of your own.


Love Forever and Always,
Mommy 06-19-2012
©Cathy Faist 2012


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wrote this for my daughter, Sarah, who is graduating high school tonight!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS SWEETIE!!!! Can't wait!! I Love You, Honey!!! xoxoxo

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Goodbye dad

Anger is what I have for you my dad
Your anger you put on me I had
Anger is what you tricked me with
It’s all my fault you said, what a myth
Anger haunts my spirit of ghost past
Shadows of black they taunt so vast
Day light, moon night, a howling goon
No more shall you lurk your anger heirloom

I’m all grown up now, John
Your title of dad is now gone
Your wish be granted, no daughter you have
Be happy your riches
Your monies your bitches
Wealthy you are and wealthy you’re not
Wealth defined by beholder of lot
I’ll see you in heaven
Maybe... maybe not...you heathen

John Dear John, my dad of past
Goons of new moons have no more mast
On winds that once howled
Have now died without prowl
Memories of words from your chilly winds
No longer scream for I’ve made amends
Amends with you? Oh most surely not
Amends with the past, I’m now on top
If I’m now on top, then where are you?
You're not on your pedestal. Oh boo-hoo-hoo
John, oh Dear John, where shall you be?
You’re in that there throne where I shirley pee!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am 37 year old female who had decided that my new year’s resolution for 2011 I was to face my demons of past. I decided this since my demons were surfacing and I was having anxiety attacks. It turns out that my demons are so deep routed that I'm well into my second year of working on them, successfully! I kept flashing images of Scooby-Doo’s haunted mansion when I wrote this poem and it seemed so appropriate for my feelings. This poem allowed me to laugh at John (a.k.a. dad) and I now see him as a ghost in my past! I would like to thank my Reiki practioner for being my spiritual counselor and the book "The Healing Codes" for helping me to process my emotions and this website for letting me post. I have never written a poem before and what great therapy this was!

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What’s inside the purse?

Emergency kit, lip-gloss, paper fan, sewing kit, everything I needed I knew I can find it there. Besides being my best friend I’ve always seen my mother as a hero, and her purse is one of her special weapons. Whenever I think of a bad situation I think on my mother finding a way to fix it. I remember when I was 10 I was at Dallas, Texas ready for my ice skating competition, or at least that’s what I thought, two minutes before going in the rink, I saw how my costume was ripped from one side, if it hadn’t been for the sewing kit my mom had on her purse, I probably wouldn’t have competed, she immediately saw it back again and I was ready in a matter of seconds. Four years ago, my mother took me and my friends to South Padre Island, we had so much fun for the first two days, that night the hotel’s emergency alarm went on and we had to leave the building, hurricane “Dolly” attacked the island while we were sleeping. We found a basement safe for us to stay, 10 people and a total of 24 hours on the same room, how did we make it? Yeah, you’re right… my mom’s purse; from food to emergency blankets, my mom just kept taking things out of there, once again we were saved by the power of the purse. I remember being so nervous at that time, hearing the strong wind blow and the sound of things falling every second, I guess that knowing how I could find something on that purse that will help us make it through such a bad day relaxed me and made me feel better. I can’t even think of one time since I was little that I needed something that I couldn’t find there, sometimes I didn’t even had to ask for it the fact of knowing that it was in there made me feel secure. All these years I’ve been thinking why is it that I find so important what’s inside my mother’s purse, I finally found out that it’s not about the things, its about the way it makes me feel, secure and protected. When I grow older and have kids, I hope the stuff I have in my purse make them feel the same way.

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Art of Breath


Yeaa my Flow is generated from thoughts that are music plated ; in my head i see the words gather up as i illustrate it ; spiitin on this mic making sure I keep it hydrated ; & with that my daughter is born ; right here in lyrical form ; so calm in beauty like balloons in the sky ; & I promise as long as I breath I'll keep my daughter alive ; with every inch of my body & every ounce of my soul ; i'll never let my passion burn out in deaths cold ~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

probably not completed but for now it is

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Daddy's lil'Girl

Beautiful as the stone
You are my Jayde,
With a smile like sunshine
Chasing all shade.
"Daddy's lil'Girl"
Yes you'll always be,
Every curly wild hair
Down to your tiny two feet.
A gift not just to me
You were given to the world,
But before all of that
You're "Daddy's lil'Girl".

This poem was wrote for my daughter Jayde.

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Daughter of Mine

Dedicated to Alexis & Ariana Bragg

And parents
pass down from themselves
their traits
Pieces of themselves
unto their children
and their children
share a resemblance
to those who created them
Do you have my eyes?
Do you have my nose?
My hair, my ears
my height, my lips?
But you do have
a piece of me
In more ways
than one
you have my heart
dear daughter of mine
Fill it with love
With compassion
With forgiveness
Open it up to the world
Let them embrace you
for exactly who you are
Be strong,
but not invincible
Be careful,
but not afraid
Be brave,
but not negligent
Scream when you have to
Cry when you need to
Fall to pieces
when you feel
There's nothing
left to do
But be sure
to pick yourself up
and look into
the mirror
Breathe deeply
Find yourself again
Remember that
You are free
You are strong
You are beautiful
And most of all...

You are loved

dear daughter of mine

Feb 19 / 201

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem for two amazing twin girls!

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Darkness within a child.


Darkness within a worthless child. 
The pain of past mistakes displayed like images in a gallery
all can see
she throws them down like badges of honor
no one is ever free
not alone with her.
All are judged unfairly
no punishment too cruel or unusual 
no words too harsh
they cut like blades of grass blown in a tornado
the weak will parish and strong will learn
no words means no fuel
no fuel means no fire
no fire means maybe a moment of peace
until that day the flame burns brightly
casting out all the darkness
turning it within
until the end.
Sweet nothingness be mine
lover that you are
wrap me in your arms
so I can feel the embrace of something more
not as a child but a woman
not as a daughter but a mother
death shows more mercy than she who sha'll not be named
thank you sweet death
for all you will give to me when the darkness consumes.
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