Wake up, Wake up

Wake up, wake up,

The time to sleep is gone

Wake up, wake up,

What we’ve been taught all this time is wrong

Wake up, wake up,

Yes it’s hard to find the way

Wake up, wake up,

When everyone seems to lie today

Wake up, wake up,

Look past all the lies in the world

Wake up, wake up,

What you see will send your head a swirl

Wake up, wake up,

Don’t become product of your fear

Wake up, wake up, 

Or forever remain unclear

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Ignorance is not eternal bliss


I hate having to write like Dr.Seuss,

But it’s the only way people will listen

I hate having to rhythm a melody,

Instead of straight up spittin

I recognize the irony,

To be writing this in rhythms

But when I don’t I promise,

Nobody gives the time

I wish I could just plainly say,

You’re being lied to

You’re being deceived

But every time without fail,

They write my off as crazy

I’m not telling you to think what I think, or to believe what I believe

All I stress is to think twice,

It’s easy to be deceived

You are welcome to read this poem, and then just simply dismiss

There is one thing you should know though,


Ignorance is not eternal bliss

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Why I Write

I admit,

I still don’t really know my value.

Though I suspect it’s with these poems,

I can help guide us all through.

I don’t write for money or fame,

That’s why I don’t care if the world remembers my name.


I write just to vent.


I write with a purpose, hell bent.

I’ve been presented with some strange gifts.

Used to call them curses,

Till I discovered what they all meant.


I feel your pain.

It sounds insane,

But I can get in your mind frame.

Don’t get caught up.

This is no delusion of grandeur.

I know what I am. 

I couldn’t care less if you concur. 

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More than one path


I’ve been told that I’m wrong my entire life,

Yet I’m still here striving to share the light.

Whoever said that only one religions right,

Is just trying to start a fight.

Do you think all the answers are in one book?

If so, it’s time to take a second look.

I’m tired of repeating the same line.

I’m begging you, 

Open up your mind.

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I Pray I'm Wrong


Collapse to my knees,

I pray I’m wrong.

I’ll gladly take the mockery and go along.

But how can I be wrong, when I feel it flowing through my veins?

Dear god,

Please just let me be insane.


I know what I say sounds crazy,

But trust me when I say,

My views no longer hazy.

Fear, greed, and hate have corrupted the hearts of man.

To the point where it’s near impossible to take a stand.

How did we get here?

When did people become this evil, and so intentionally deceitful?

Do they not realize that it’s a cancer?

Stop with the evasive answers!

We all need to own up to what we’ve done.


We will surely fall,


One by one.  

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Mindstate locked combination is love, I've tried but hasn't succeeded but thats no reason to stop. I've picture myself being the best I can be, see if I see it I can reach it, life was given to me. I breathe in that oxygen I feel the energy flows, way beyond greatness is where am planning to go. Remeber life is what you makes it, you mole it and shape it; your level of success is how much you inest in it. So work hard and strive harder live life on the border sometimes it pays off to live life for tomororow.

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Love Child - A Lesson In Algebra

X is a baby,
X is a child,
X is a sinner,
X has gone wild,
X is a girl,
X is a boy,
X is a bastard,
X is a toy,
X is mischievious,
X is enlightened,
X is the way,
X can be frightened,
X is sarcastic,
X, a delight,
X is the darkness,
X is the light,
X is a woman,
X is a man,
X is resentful, forgiving,
...it can,
X is a mountain,
...a river,
...a sun,
X is the MANY,
X is the ONE,
X is insatiable,
...satisfied, complacent,
X is a variable,
...but can have no replacement,
X is intelligence,
X is deformed,
X can be funny, sad,
X is quite perfect,
...but also has flaws,
X is a life,
X is a cause,
X is a tear that runs down all our cheeks,
X is resilient,
...and yet,
...x is weak,
X is my daughter,
X is my son,
...when the journey's begun,
X becomes kindness,
...when below is above,
...and all answers refer back to X,
X is LOVE.