Child of Cost

I cried out to you as a loving father would his own daughter, I begged you to turn back, to come back.
In darkness she did wonder, escaping the grip of my hands to slip away into the pull of the currents that brought her under.
Swept a far beyond my eyes, there she lye covered in flies.
The first pitch of dirt shoveled did no trouble to the face it capped,
Her naked body lay still beneath the weight of the earth,
never to be seen again in the way she was perched .
Though we search, their wicked deed was well hid,
 so also were the shameful schemes she often did.
Oh my precious child, I would never have considered to put a price on you,
Because your soul you did bother to sell,
you were bought at the very expense of your life.
Oh now how I wish you would tell,
What it is that you gained at the end of his knife?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please if you will, any comments you have on my poem are welcomed. I hope this is a good peom, but if you will let me know what you think about it. thank you for reading :)

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