Paradise. It is found in a mother's embrace


happiness at the smile and shine of her face


Surge of power at the encouragement of her words


Intellect at the acceptance of her wisdom


Selflessness and zeal at the prospect of protecting her from harm


There are few feelings as euphoric as the sound of a mother laughing


Likewise, few things are as gut wrenching as her crying


To realize she suffered like most but hid it from your infantile eyes


The realization that as a child, your words were full on pure honesty without a modicum of restraint in your words


The statement of pain as a question. The inherent honesty may hurt more than lies


And yet her refusal to give up in the face of several storms. A great accomplishment  


Such determination, teeth shining, smiling, eyes twinkling in the face of every deterrent


From the pain of childbirth to the struggle to give you the world


There is no greater parent


Understandably, you strive to repay  this boundless debt


You yearn to give her a fraction of the love, gifts, and strength you have been given since birth


You acknowledge this herculean task


But as you contemplate this insurmountable feat


Worry not, her love was not bought, it came with no receipts




Paradise is found at your mother's feet


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Aren't Mothers great y'all??? yes, they are. no question

Go tell your mamas you love them if they are no longer with us reminisce on your times with her

Then come back and criticize my poem. You're gonna have such a fun day

If you are a mother, know that you're a BAMF

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Nature / Folder 1




you may 

love her

hate her

curse her

leave her

hit her

rob her

hurt her

lie to her

cheat her

ignore her

belittle her

betray her

slay her

degrade her


but the fact is,


you came into existence

asking to live,

and she had many opportunities to run from you,

and erase your life,

and she did not run from you,

 and so therefore, no matter how much you 

are tempted to blame her

for your own unhappiness,

the blame will always be shared with one other 









© 2013





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Take care be good

I can't wait to see your newborn baby face
To have you as my child is something I can't replace
Can't wait to hold your fragile little body in my arms
I'll always be there cause your cry is my fire alarm
You don't ever have to worry cause daddy's got your back
Please don't cry, just take a nap and baby just relax
You don't need to rush, just take things at your own pace
I can't wait to do things with you like tie your shoe lace
I promise to be a good father and raise you right
You will be my first son I know that you'll be so bright
To you my little buddy I want to be Mr. Incredible
Can't wait for your birthday it will be a festival
Longing to see your face with daddy's smile
I know I'm ahead of myself and that it'll be a while
Cause mommy doesn't have you, That is still in store
I'm excited for the future and I can't wait til you're born

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not saying I want a kid its just that I'm imagining what it'll be like having a kid.

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