Be Yourself

Stand up for what you believe
And use your big girl words.
Now sit down, shut up,
No need to make such a fuss.

You need to be grown-up,
Independent, Self-Sufficient,
Well-Informed, and Educated.
And Honest. Genuine, Full of Courage,
Optimistic, Sympathetic, Empathetic,
Passionately Subdued and Compassionately Distant.

Don’t worry I will always love you
I support everything you do
As long as it fits with my perfect world,
Fits with what I’ve planned.

I promise to let you fly when you’re ready.
Leap from the nest on your own terms.
But since you are an adult now,
Some shoving is in order.

Stay at home as long as you can.
It’s a harsh world. I wish I had.
With that being said, don’t you think
It’s time to leave? When I was your age I-

Now hold up. Wait a minute.
Let’s put some perspective to it.
I’ve got a job. I go to school.
Look mom I ain’t no fool.

I spent my life saying ‘look at me’
But you were always too busy to see.
It’s not that you were never there,
It’s just that you never cared.

Where were you all my life?
A loving mother? A perfect wife?
What about when dad went away?
Did you even try to make him stay?

It feels like I’m just a toy.
Something used to bring you joy.
That was, till I got old.
Now I’m on a shelf, growing mold.

Do you hear what I’m saying?
The toon I’m playing?
The hurt and the pain
Falling like rain
On my window pane.
Am I still sane?
I’m still sane.
I’m still sane.

I hate that you make me feel this way
And as I bow my head to pray
It’s not for me but for another
My sweet, caring, and lovely mother.

I hope you find what you are looking for.
That missing thing. That ‘something more’
I hope you find it before it’s too late.
Before my brother meets my fate.

You and I are beyond repair.
But not my brother. He’s still there.
If you want him in your life.
It’s time to be that loving mother. To be that perfect wife.

You’ve only got one shot at this
And I think you are going to miss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first posted poem. More to come I hope! ^^

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I like your work but I like

I like your work but I like your pic a lot more (lol)

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Lol! :P And you know? I'm okay with that ;) xP