love for daughters

For My Darling Daughter!

Now, I don’t really care, she is my grown-up girl
Once I was the oyster to protect my baby pearl

That was the time, to her a lullaby I would sing
She would gently fall asleep, beneath my caring wings

And now is the time, my girl is busy, full of aggression
Wrinkles on my eyes desperately seek her attention

Then a day arrived when she said,
‘Mum it’s your birthday, let’s celebrate’

At home I awaited her, for a mother-daughter meet
I cooked chicken for her that day, my darling loves it!

But she dint turn up as promised, my heart sank
I consoled myself, she must be playing pranks

She came home late night, no wishes, no celebration
Just a ‘Good Night’, she had forgotten the occasion

Hush lil heart! She is grown up after all, those emotions won’t stay
Hope she is in safe hands, from the core of my heart I pray!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A message from a mother to her really busy daughter... i love my mum and care for all those who at this age need to seek attention from their child.



I love you
More than words can say
Actions will never be enough
To show you how much I care
You are the center of my life
You bring joy and smile
Amidst the worries and concerns
Your laughter bacomes my sunshine.

When I look at you
I saw a promise of hope
Of future, bright and sure
My prayer is for you
To be firm and strong
To withstand life’s trouble
And to believe in your inner power
To become the person that you are!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my daughter, Francin.

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