Monthly Archive for February 2003

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Haiku--IN A GLASS BIN Poem pangan_l_l Imagery Feb 13th
Haiku--RUSSIAN ROULETTE Poem pangan_l_l Suicide Feb 13th
Senryu--SIMPATICO Poem pangan_l_l inspiration Feb 13th
Haiku--RADIO Poem pangan_l_l Technology Feb 13th
Haiku--BLUE DENIM Poem pangan_l_l Sensualality Feb 13th
Haiku--LIPLOCK Poem pangan_l_l Missing You Feb 13th
Haiku--DRIVING Poem pangan_l_l Technology Feb 13th
Forever Will Follow Poem phil_carcione Feb 13th
She said it meaning Poem rashmiitz Acceptance Feb 13th
Who Has The Time? Poem strumbles06 1 Feb 13th
Plunge Into Silence Poem strumbles06 Feb 13th
so meet me Poem sweetdreams 2 Being Loved Feb 13th
أرض المخيم Poem tariqasrawi 2 Feb 13th
Pain Is Love Poem thapoet Feb 13th
Death Wish (Part 2) Poem thapoet Feb 13th
jessi Poem the_wrighter 3 Feb 13th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU FOUR Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 13th
Her 6th Birthday Poem TREXPATTON 2 Feb 13th
Sonnet, Uncompleted, uncomplicated Poem TREXPATTON 1 Feb 13th
Not At All The Same!! Poem TREXPATTON Feb 13th
Matthew Scully Open Letter To Bush Speechwriter Poem truths Feb 13th
Donkeys Poem truths Feb 13th
[] علليني Poem asaihati Feb 14th
[] علليني Poem asaihati 1 Feb 14th
[] اخرجتنى Poem asaihati Feb 14th
Brave Innocence Poem blumentopf War Feb 14th
Watching Yourself Burn Poem brokenhope33 1 Gothic Feb 14th
Don't Leave Me Poem chick20a00dee love Feb 14th
WHY ARE YOU A TEACHER? Poem chris Political Feb 14th
Game Over Poem darkangel358 Awakening Feb 14th
2003-02-13 The Ride Poem djtj 1 Feb 14th
2003-02-13 The Albatross Houses Poem djtj Feb 14th
2003-02-13 Tell Me About Love Poem djtj 2 Feb 14th
Refusing Goodbye Poem dragon 4 Acceptance Feb 14th
My Valentine Poem hhickson 1 Holidays Feb 14th
Power Poem jagedpyro Feb 14th
Shannon II Poem jagedpyro 1 Feb 14th
ENDURANCE Poem ladydp2000 Devotion Feb 14th
HAUNTED HOUSE BY THE HILL Poem ladydp2000 Dark Feb 14th
Valentine Concubine Poem laurmordre Lust Feb 14th
3 Red Roses Poem laurmordre 1 love Feb 14th
Solitude Hell Poem oh_so_odd 1 Feb 14th
لأن العــاصقة Poem tariqasrawi 1 Feb 14th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS Poem tiong_chung_hoo Feb 14th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU FIVE Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 14th
Nothing Poem toobuena 1 choices Feb 14th
اختاري أنت Poem asaihati Feb 15th
Revolution of peace Poem biggie Feb 15th
Death and pain Poem brokenalive 1 death Feb 15th
PANIC ( Poem about an r.v. fire of the artist) Poem cam 2 Devastation Feb 15th
Look Up Poem djtj Feb 15th
PRISCILLA Poem ladydp2000 family Feb 15th
When? Poem ladyowens 1 Feb 15th
Matthew J. Asshole Poem ladyowens 5 Feb 15th
Throw the Stone Poem ladyowens 2 Feb 15th
What's your name again? Poem ladyowens 4 Feb 15th
Freedom Poem mystikal 9 Feb 15th
Blind Poem mystikal 1 Feb 15th
What will bring Poem mystikal Feb 15th
Three In The Morning Poem onelilartist 3 Feb 15th
You Name It Poem taoist Feb 15th
BOOK FAIR Poem terry Poetry/Writing Feb 15th
about mirrows Poem the_wrighter 2 Feb 15th
Malaysian haiku collection Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 15th
Scorpion Rights Poem truths Feb 15th
Thomas Jefferson Poem truths Feb 15th
Abraham Lincoln Poem truths Feb 15th
Dwight David Eisenhower Poem truths Feb 15th
Teddy Roosevelt Poem truths Feb 15th
FDR Poem truths Feb 15th
Chicken Horror Movie Poem truths Feb 15th
Richard Nixon Poem truths Feb 15th
Pat Robertson Poem truths Feb 15th
George Poem truths 2 Feb 15th
Haiku Attempt: Atlanta Water Torture Poem truths 1 Feb 15th
Jimmy Carter Poem truths Feb 15th
Harry Truman Poem truths Feb 15th
Houston City Council Poem truths Feb 15th
Woodrow Wilson Poem truths 1 Feb 15th
JFK Poem truths 1 Feb 15th
Graham & Cheney Hearts Bush Kidneys Kerry Prostate Poem truths Feb 15th
Ronald Reagan Poem truths Feb 15th
Taft and Moral Equivalency Poem truths Feb 15th
Kevin Close Poem truths Feb 15th
Cumulative Poem truths Feb 15th
Michael Bloomberg, Billionaire Terrorist Poem truths Feb 15th
Never Before In History Poem truths Feb 15th
Herbert Hoover Poem truths Feb 15th
Reminders Poem truths Feb 15th
! 92 People Support Romney Poem truths Feb 15th
a70 Poem truths Feb 15th
Dolly Poem truths Feb 15th
William Clinton Poem truths Feb 15th
Ulysses Grant Poem truths Feb 15th
Mennonites Poem truths Feb 15th
Pluto Weds Mars Poem truths Feb 15th
Cup of Coffee Poem truths 1 Feb 15th
Clear Channel Poem truths Feb 15th
Senate Poem truths Feb 15th
another face in the crowd Poem angels_eyes_only Feb 16th
Live For You Poem arecreed 1 Feb 16th
Emotion Poem arecreed 1 Feb 16th
The Good Fight Poem arecreed Feb 16th
This Is Me Poem arecreed 1 Feb 16th
life and death Poem dangerous_addiction Feb 16th
my suicide Poem dangerous_addiction Feb 16th
كالعادة.. Poem esmat11211 Feb 16th
Pain of Heart Poem jagedpyro 2 Feb 16th
-Coffee, Chat & CNN Poem kat 1 Feb 16th
-Just Passing Time Poem kat 2 Feb 16th
Keeper Of My Dreams Poem katerz Feb 16th
A Thousand Dreams Poem katerz Feb 16th
My New Best Friend (Kim K) Poem katerz 1 Feb 16th
Quiet pillow talk Poem oh_so_odd 2 Feb 16th
Words Like Wine Poem onelilartist 4 Feb 16th
Another Day Poem perception 1 Devastation Feb 16th
Unmade Dollies Poem perception Abstract Feb 16th
"Mouth-to-Mouth" Poem DaddyO 1 Memories Feb 16th
"Tammy's Dream" Poem DaddyO dreams Feb 16th
Creature of God Poem rottie155 2 Feb 16th
Beautiful Earth Poem rottie155 3 Feb 16th
Brain Poem rottie155 Feb 16th
Fears Poem rottie155 Feb 16th
Friends at war Poem rottie155 Feb 16th
Love Poem rottie155 1 Feb 16th
The Watcher Poem rottie155 1 Feb 16th
Language is a soul Poem rottie155 Feb 16th
You've met your match Poem rottie155 2 Feb 16th
War Poem rottie155 1 Feb 16th
Magical Kisses Poem starlite Feb 16th
لاشيء ... إلاكِ Poem tariqasrawi 5 Abstract Feb 16th
Malaysian haiku 16-2-2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 16th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS Poem tiong_chung_hoo Feb 16th
Appleseed Poem truths Feb 16th
Your my life saving angel Poem Whitney Feb 16th
[] حين لقياك Poem asaihati Feb 17th
alone Poem AshleyFreckles 1 Feb 17th
my heart Poem AshleyFreckles 3 Feb 17th
right place Poem AshleyFreckles 2 Feb 17th
2003-02-17 A Story of Sorts to Sort out a Story Poem djtj prose Feb 17th
Her Poem jagedpyro Feb 17th
Did You?... Poem Bazoora 1 Feb 17th
'03 Life on papel #1 Poem Joel 1 Feb 17th
'03 At Last! Poem Joel 2 Feb 17th
escuchar me Poem mhippychick Betrayal Feb 17th
I see Poem mhippychick Bittersweet Feb 17th
A Little Better Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 Song Lyrics Feb 17th
"Smm" Poem ontheverge 4 Happiness Feb 17th
"Curled Up On the Couch" Poem DaddyO love Feb 17th
God Poem singmoriah 2 Feb 17th
فرشاة الأسنان Poem tarik_bakri 1 Feb 17th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU 17-2-2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Feb 17th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTION 17-2-2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 17th
Mad Cow Causes Mad Dow Poem truths Feb 17th
NY Times and Likud Furriers Trespass Against Trees Poem truths Feb 17th
Today.... Poem tweety_32 Feb 17th
Waiting in Cover Poem brokenhope33 Feb 18th
Like a Rainbow Poem brokenhope33 Feb 18th
A Warm Summers Night Poem brokenhope33 Awakening Feb 18th
WHO I AM Poem ese2002 2 Feb 18th
Wasted Emotion Poem ese2002 Feb 18th
Stephie Poem jagedpyro 1 Feb 18th
'03 Be Thy self Poem Joel Feb 18th
'03 The Day We Found Out Poem Joel 2 Feb 18th
Goddess Sent Poem ladyrea 1 Being Loved Feb 18th
I'd Give Anything... Poem ladyrea 1 Acceptance Feb 18th
The Meaning.. the continuation of I'd give anything Poem ladyrea 1 love Feb 18th
Who am I? Poem ladyrea 2 Individuality Feb 18th
If only i could... Poem ladyrea 1 In Memory Feb 18th
In Your Eyes... Poem ladyrea 2 love Feb 18th
Locked Away Poem laurmordre Fear Feb 18th
Dreams Trigger Memories Poem maybethepoet Feb 18th
Regrets of the Foolish Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Song Lyrics Feb 18th
Tear drops of the sun Poem oh_so_odd 1 Feb 18th
1000 Kisses Poem oh_so_odd 6 Feb 18th
Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie Poem onelilartist 4 Feb 18th
Moonlight on the Sea Poem phil_carcione 1 love Feb 18th
"Overstanding" Poem DaddyO Word Play Feb 18th
* My God Is * Poem poetvg 3 Feb 18th
I love you Poem singmoriah 2 Feb 18th
Been a Long Time Poem sirknight Unrequited Love Feb 18th
The Road of Loneliness Poem starlite_angel 1 Feb 18th
arabi sagir Poem tarik_bakri 1 Feb 18th
kuku Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
ziatoon treq Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
ziatoon Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
kitar alrihla ela almadina Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
aldik alalim Poem tarik_bakri 1 Feb 18th
nakar alkhshab Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
nakar alkhshab Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
c.v Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
alankabout Poem tarik_bakri 1 Feb 18th
almoubarat alriadia Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
المحفظة الضائعة Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
alnisr almousalim Poem tarik_bakri Feb 18th
alnamla Poem tarik_bakri 1 Feb 18th
أنت عمري Poem tariqasrawi 1 Feb 18th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU 18-2-2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 18th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU 18-2-2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 18th
Jay Leno Poem truths 1 Feb 18th
Nuclear Leo Poem truths Feb 18th
A WTC Litany of Lies Poem truths Feb 18th
Diebold Poem truths Feb 18th
Andrew Jackson Poem truths Feb 18th
Battelle Poem truths Feb 18th
Mary Matalin Poem truths Feb 18th
Cat Hair Poem truths Feb 18th
Z Bogomil Poem truths Feb 18th
Love is All Poem william_j_miller Feb 18th
[] لا توقفي الركب Poem asaihati Feb 19th
[] هل تعلمي Poem asaihati 5 Feb 19th
Glass Angels Poem dangerous_addiction 1 Feb 19th
Dust in My Face Poem hushbaby Feb 19th
Final Goodbye Poem jagedpyro 1 Feb 19th
'03 What have I Done? Poem Joel Feb 19th
'03 I Miss You Poem Joel 1 Feb 19th
incoherent Poem raina_3 2 Feb 19th
Space Poem rottie155 1 Feb 19th
Malaysian haiku February 19, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Feb 19th
TCHOO'S MAGNIFICENT HAIKU Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 19th
My Blessings Poem TREXPATTON 1 Feb 19th
The littler things 6-10-00 Poem wrtngal07 Feb 19th
Birds 4-8-00 Poem wrtngal07 Nature/Environment Feb 19th
Earth 5-15-96 Poem wrtngal07 1 Children Feb 19th
Together ( date unknow...sometime in 1997) Poem wrtngal07 Children Feb 19th
Mama 1-22-00 Poem wrtngal07 Being Loved Feb 19th
Why can't I have..... 1-28-00 Poem wrtngal07 Reality Feb 19th
The dance 2-4-00 Poem wrtngal07 Short Story Feb 19th
Life 2-7-00 Poem wrtngal07 Short Story Feb 19th
You are beautiful 2-17-00 Poem wrtngal07 Beauty Feb 19th
Many names for an Artist 2-25-00 Poem wrtngal07 Abstract Feb 19th
6-10-00 What would happen? Poem wrtngal07 Feb 19th
Have you ever? 7-2-00 Poem wrtngal07 1 Feb 19th
School 9-1-00 Poem wrtngal07 1 Acceptance Feb 19th
Why God Why? 9-26-00 Poem wrtngal07 death Feb 19th
While I was waiting for your love 9-30-00 Poem wrtngal07 1 Acceptance Feb 19th
The sky 10-13-00 Poem wrtngal07 Abstract Feb 19th
My heart 10-16-00 Poem wrtngal07 Betrayal Feb 19th
[] اعلم انك انجيلي Poem asaihati Feb 20th
One Last time Poem chyren 2 Feb 20th
Now and Then Poem honorao Feb 20th
BWLM Poem honorao 2 Feb 20th
Scared Poem hushbaby 1 Feb 20th
To young to Know Poem imager confusion Feb 20th
When you walk by Poem imager 1 Feb 20th
You're Eyes Poem imager 1 Feb 20th
A View That Should Not Be Poem dragonzite Tributes/Odes Feb 20th
Stolen Outlets Poem LadyAryn 2 Feb 20th
LAYERS Poem ladydp2000 Dark Feb 20th