Three In The Morning

Three In The Morning

I heard the clock chime as I rolled out of bed.

There's a catch in my back and an ache in my head.

The silvery light of the moon that I see,

Peeping through curtains seems to mock lonely me.

It's early.  Too early to rise for the day!

But I couldn't quite stand lying lonely that way.

Maybe I'll straighten a closet, or cook,

Work on a project, or read a good book.

Maybe I'll go back to bed where I'll sleep

After I write out the demons I keep.

Maybe I'll find that you're wide awake too,

Looking for me as I dream, Love, of you.

Life is too short to be wasting these minutes.

I don't like to think that you might not be in it.

I hear your soft moans from the room down the hall.

The pain gets so bad in your sleep then you call.

What in the world do I do for relief?

Three in the morning.  I sit here in grief.

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. Donkerman's picture

Dear Jess

How many time have I not jumped out of bed at the same time, trying to make use of every living moment!
It is such a lovely poem! The picture is magnificent – once again arranged in the superb style of a true artist!
I say it again - this is what poetry is all about – the enchantment of poetry, music and a beautiful picture combined!

I masterful piece!

Greeting from afar


Nicolette Van der Walt's picture


Jessica, what a touching poem! It is in the dark hours that pain and grief is so vivid – thanks for writing about the “demons” we all know so well. You have truly mastered the art to write about the everyday things – and yes, to present you poems so beautifully – wonderful picture and graphics!



Judy Costea's picture

Your words are so emotional and come to life here in your poems. It is so hard not to cry or laugh when i read your poetry. You paint your life in your words with so much emotion and you always add such beautiful pictures that go so well with your words..
Thank you so much for giving us a chance to read your beautiful work.
Peace and Love