'03 I Miss You

-Some Kind of Love

I still remember the arguments.

Do you remember the arguments?

I still remember the times of content.

Do you remember the times of content?

Sitting down on the cozy couch.

Your're not there just the air to touch.

If I would call, I don't expect you to answer.

If you did, I would reminisce how we were.

I can just sit and wait for time to go by.

Hoping that this is not a forever good-bye.

I can either move on or lust for your love.

I'd rather hold what I've always dreamed of.

I can only for a moment think of how we kissed.

Something happened in between we both really missed.

I pick up my phone to hear my voice mails once more.

Since I can't touch, your voice is all I can adore.

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41tulips's picture

Sounds like something I would do... boohoo

Melissa Marina Flores