'03 The Day We Found Out


Early morning work cancelled.

It was a nice sunny brisk day.

Was a day without hassle.

The happiest day since I met my pretty.

Four months in the works.

She walks to the close-by Dr.'s office.

I get to the office stare with a smirk.

She is sits with sweats and a lilac pale shirt.

I walk up wanting a candy-kiss.

No luck but a turn of the page.

Walk in to the patient room.

I found my mother and welcomed us in.

My heart was pounding as if on a stage.

My baby walks by as I smell her perfume.

We wait for the doctor eager to begin.

She sits on the examination table.

Doctor walks in and begins to check.

Everything is quiet as we look at the cable.

It's a gir....no wait...it's a boy!

What a way to end our day

with a little bundle of joy...

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Guinevere Blades's picture

david,i absolutely love this!!!its so pretty and real,like its exactly what went through your mind!thats awesome,keep wrtin bro! ~happy flowers~

41tulips's picture

Heehee. What a way to start a new beginning you mean!!! I still can't believe it. I hope that boy has your sense of creativity both in writing and in anything else. Congratulations! I hope you wrote more poems for your little bundle of trouble...I mean joy!

Melissa Marina Flores