Dreams Trigger Memories


I had a really strange dream last night

about going to see Ron and Darlene.

And I saw while I was driving

some of the weirdest things I’ve seen.

There were animals lining the roadway.

There was a shooting in a store.

There were people begging constantly.

More than I’ve ever seen before.

And all the good times we had back then,

spending hours on the beach,

started feeling kind of differently,

then drifted so far out of reach.

And from the dream I finally woke up.

And thought about things way back then.

All the good times and the bad times

were all back on my mind again.

The weather is just perfect.

We’d play great music all night long.

Spent the days with Jim and Dustin.

It seemed like nothing could go wrong.

The dogs are acting pretty playful.

We take them swimming when we can.

Our roommate’s lying outside naked.

She wants that all-over tan.

But still a funny feeling set in.

It really didn’t seem so nice.

I guess I came down with a case of

loneliness in paradise.

And late at night the beer was flowing.

But things weren’t really going my way.

Kicked back listening to the band play

mellow songs like Ventura Highway.

There was a girl across the ocean

that had a hold of me by strings.

When the continents came together

we were destroyed by other things.

There was something about that fabric she wore.

Could’ve been the way it was woven.

And there was something about that long black hair.

Maybe that was why I dove in.

But then our love just entered limbo.

And the whole world turned around.

And then another chapter started.

And no one ever heard a sound.

There was this guy they called the Joker

on those old time Batman shows.

I guess he’d be the one I felt like

when this feeling comes and goes.

But there were such a lot of good times.

So I think back on all those friends

and a smile comes across my face

until the memory finally ends.

Now sometimes dreams trigger memories.

And sometimes a memory can trigger a dream.

And sometimes the meanings behind all of them

are not exactly what they seem.

And sometimes dreaming is essential.

It can be a link to the past.

And it can bring some feelings back again

when life seems to move too fast.

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