Wasted Emotion


How can I make you understand

Me being here is God's plan

If you try I know you can

Realize I'm not what you think I am

I don't know what else to do

To make you feel how much I'm in love with you

No other can compare to you

To my eyes your light is beautiful

If you ever where to leave my side

My whole life would be a lie

If I'm alone why should I try

No life to live, yet refuse to die

Only your love can deliver me

And save me from this misery

I know it's hard when your pissed at me

But if you trust me there's no mystery

I don't like games, so I don't play

Right here is where I want to stay

I won't hurt you girl, it's okay

Take my hand and we'll fly away

Me and you with one life to live

And give you everything I can give

There's no question of this, I'm positive

It's you I want to have my kids

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