Monthly Archive for February 2003

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
IF I LIVED ON SESAME STREET Poem chris 2 Feb 5th
realization Poem dis_konnected Feb 5th
Where ever.. Poem gunfire Feb 5th
Theres Somthing about You Poem imager Feb 5th
Rage of the Heart Poem jagedpyro Feb 5th
Terri Poem jagedpyro Feb 5th
Amanda Poem jagedpyro 1 Feb 5th
the games master Poem mhippychick Dark Love Feb 5th
"Mornin Darlin" Poem oh_so_odd 4 Feb 5th
Those Simple Things Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 5th
She May Not Have A Halo Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 5th
Day Walker Poem phil_carcione Gothic Feb 5th
Paraphrased Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
Conversation Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
Save Your Breath Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
So My Grandmother Needs Prozac? Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
The Trojan Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
Why - Because Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
We Think Too Much Poem strumbles06 Feb 5th
Love Poem Poem sweet_saturn love Feb 5th
The School Boy Love Note Poem thapoet 3 Feb 5th
Conversation With An Angel Poem thapoet Feb 5th
InThe Middle Of The Night Poem thapoet Feb 5th
Walking In The Wood Poem TREXPATTON 1 Feb 5th
Torch Song. b.) Love Again, enfolded Sonnet Poem TREXPATTON Abstract Feb 5th
Wheelchair Poem truths Feb 5th
Anne Gerrals Poem truths Feb 5th
Z Stars Of Cokie Roberts Poem truths Feb 5th
Choke Poem twilight_stranger Pain/Sorrow Feb 5th
Everything Poem twilight_stranger 1 confusion Feb 5th
Bless the Dead Poem twilight_stranger 3 religion Feb 5th
Crossroad Poem twilight_stranger 2 Loneliness Feb 5th
Empty Poem arecreed 3 Feb 6th
Suicide Poem bountyhunter0001 1 Suicide Feb 6th
Beneath The Ice Poem bountyhunter0001 death Feb 6th
Outside My Window Poem bountyhunter0001 Emotionless Feb 6th
For You Poem bountyhunter0001 Heroism/Heroes Feb 6th
A Heartfelt Confession Poem bountyhunter0001 love Feb 6th
غيمة مثقوبة Poem esmat11211 Feb 6th
Catch Me... Poem fallenangel78 1 love Feb 6th
Flames Poem fallenangel78 2 Danger Feb 6th
Did You Call Your Mom Today Poem hhickson 2 Feb 6th
Frost Poem josephus Abstract Feb 6th
Find Me Poem laurmordre Anger Violent Feb 6th
Horny Poem laurmordre Lust Feb 6th
Unperfect Perfection Poem lillep Abstract Feb 6th
The Ache Poem lillep Decisions Feb 6th
The Cost Poem lillep Acceptance Feb 6th
Endurance Poem lillep Change/Transition Feb 6th
On this Valentine's Day Poem moser 2 love Feb 6th
The Guide Poem mrmetal_53 4 Book Review Poetry Feb 6th
"Funny" Poem ontheverge 1 Abstract Feb 6th
Where Am I Going Poem strumbles06 Feb 6th
Emotional Poverty Poem thapoet Feb 6th
It's All Love Poem thapoet Feb 6th
The Dark Side Of The Moon Poem thapoet 1 Feb 6th
Oliver North Poem truths Feb 6th
Lobster Rights Poem truths Feb 6th
Can you guess? Poem twilight_stranger Abstract Feb 6th
Life In A Day Poem bountyhunter0001 Life/Living Feb 7th
Emotions Of Then And Now Poem bountyhunter0001 love Feb 7th
You Poem casper06 1 Feb 7th
A POEM ABOUT NATURE Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Feb 7th
THE NATURE SONG Poem chris Nature/Environment Feb 7th
American Airlines Flight 11 Poem columb 2 Feb 7th
panic attack Poem elusivepoet 1 Depression Feb 7th
you can't have cancer Poem elusivepoet Cancer/Illness Feb 7th
لله درك Poem fares Feb 7th
تأمر و تخاذل Poem fares Feb 7th
To Donna, Where Ever You Are Poem hhickson 2 romance Feb 7th
Souless Nights Poem icantthinkofone 3 Lost love Feb 7th
I Love You Poem lost_wench 1 Haiku Feb 7th
Sidewalk Chalk Poem perception 1 Depression Feb 7th
Saved in Sidon Poem perception 2 religion Feb 7th
My Fading Scars Poem perception 1 Pain/Sorrow Feb 7th
Crimson Wine Poem perception 1 obsession Feb 7th
Suicide Motel Poem perception 2 death Feb 7th
Messy Poem perception death Feb 7th
Confusion Poem perception 1 confusion Feb 7th
* Poems Of Destiny..God's Will * Poem saiom Feb 7th
Angelic Poem snmiller 4 Beauty Feb 7th
Let Me Fly Poem thapoet Feb 7th
Never Change...Featuring "Tha Poetic Son" Poem thapoet Feb 7th
Puzzling relationship Poem thobyneeka Feb 7th
infinity Poem thobyneeka Feb 7th
sea of mystery Poem thobyneeka 2 Feb 7th
TC HOO HAIKU COLLECTIONS FOUR Poem tiong_chung_hoo 1 Haiku Feb 7th
!! Heretofore Unpublished Names Of Warmongers Poem truths Feb 7th
Blair! No British baby boys in Baghdad body bagged Poem truths Feb 7th
Camilla Poem truths Feb 7th
Pharma Poem truths Feb 7th
Fencing Poem truths Feb 7th
Robert Segal Poem truths Feb 7th
General Tom White Poem truths Feb 7th
Glaxo Smith Kline Poem truths Feb 7th
Devestation 2-4-00 Poem wrtngal07 Feb 7th
Who Is? 4-28-00 Poem wrtngal07 religion Feb 7th
God Why? 1-27-00 Poem wrtngal07 inspiration Feb 7th
The battle 2-7-00 Poem wrtngal07 Acceptance Feb 7th
Is this love? 2-14-00 Poem wrtngal07 Being Loved Feb 7th
Sleepless Sleep 2-20-00 Poem wrtngal07 Bizarre Feb 7th
The Day 3-2-00 Poem wrtngal07 Change/Transition Feb 7th
My Life My World 4-7-00 Poem wrtngal07 Acceptance Feb 7th
Will You Be? 5-30-00 Poem wrtngal07 love Feb 7th
Letting Go Poem arecreed Feb 8th
Letting Go Poem arecreed Feb 8th
A Good Day Poem arecreed Feb 8th
[] مرساي Poem asaihati Feb 8th
[] جناحي Poem asaihati Feb 8th
The Good of Going to War Poem blumentopf War Feb 8th
Death Poem jagedpyro Feb 8th
Age Old Question Poem jagedpyro Feb 8th
Dana Poem jagedpyro Feb 8th
Dana II Poem jagedpyro 2 Feb 8th
Confused? Poem jagedpyro Feb 8th
Attack Poem jenfool Acceptance Feb 8th
Cocoon Poem jenfool Acceptance Feb 8th
At The Evangelist Saint Jude's Epistle 17-25 Poem Starward Faith Feb 8th
Untitled Poem kammaflaje 4 Feb 8th
Collateral Damage Poem kammaflaje 4 Feb 8th
In My Eyes Poem kammaflaje 5 Feb 8th
The Truth Be Told Poem kammaflaje 2 Feb 8th
TILL WE 'RE DONE Poem ladydp2000 1 inspiration Feb 8th
IN SEARCH OF Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Feb 8th
WHEN 2 Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Feb 8th
The Ring Poem laurmordre love Feb 8th
Colour me Dark Poem laurmordre 1 Depression Feb 8th
Patty Cake Patty Cake Poem omnesole 3 Abstract Feb 8th
Bitchin Poem omnesole 1 Feb 8th
Your Ass Got Beat Poem omnesole 3 Feb 8th
Howl On Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 8th
Emotional Storm Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 8th
What Became Of Her? Poem onelilartist Feb 8th
Irony Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 8th
Eternal Rest? Poem phil_carcione Gothic Feb 8th
Cyrstal Tear Poem playbunny 2 Awakening Feb 8th
Something aking to love Poem rashmiitz Feb 8th
Destined For Death,Sentenced To Life Poem thapoet 3 Feb 8th
No Regrets Poem thapoet Feb 8th
PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTION Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 8th
TCH00 HAIKU'S COLLECTIONS SIX Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 8th
[] تطاول كف الليال Poem asaihati Feb 9th
Cant stop thinking Poem Irockpoker Feb 9th
Jodie Poem jagedpyro Feb 9th
I don't know Poem jenfool Acceptance Feb 9th
'03 Keep your guard up Poem Joel 1 Feb 9th
'03 Anguish on Call vr.2 Poem Joel 1 Feb 9th
'03 Takes Time... Poem Joel Feb 9th
'03 It's all in my head Poem Joel Feb 9th
'03 A "Likely" Dream Poem Joel 2 Feb 9th
'03 Makes you go crazy right? Poem Joel Feb 9th
Reality Poem lillep Feb 9th
Stolen Poem lillep Depression Feb 9th
ends with the letter...."break" Poem oh_so_odd 27 Feb 9th
* Mrityunjay * Poem poetvg 6 Feb 9th
* My Valentine * Poem poetvg 3 Feb 9th
HAIKU Poem profrksingh 1 Haiku Feb 9th
Blind Faith Poem MatthewWayne 2 False Idols, God, Gothic, Profit, Psycho- Confessions, religion Feb 9th
The Eyes saw Survival in Doubt Poem rashmiitz 1 Abstract Feb 9th
Hiding Poem starlite Feb 9th
PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS FIVE Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 9th
The Resort 7-10-00 Poem wrtngal07 Memories Feb 9th
current dreams Poem choirgrrl 1 dreams Feb 10th
WHY WE ARE FANS Poem chris Sports Feb 10th
WHAT DO YOU TEACH? Poem chris Political Feb 10th
Finding Out... Poem dragon 1 choices Feb 10th
Help Desk Call Poem hhickson 3 Acceptance Feb 10th
Hidden Stare Poem hushbaby Feb 10th
in the bar next to kam's Poem hushbaby Feb 10th
The wall Poem Ravin_Fish 1 Feb 10th
Pushed it all aside Poem jenfool Song Lyrics Feb 10th
SOULFUL THOUGHTS Poem mrswagghop Awakening Feb 10th
The 7 day Theroy Poem mrswagghop Speeches Feb 10th
Type Casted Role Poem oh_so_odd 1 Feb 10th
Life Lessons Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 10th
Thinking Of You Poem onelilartist 3 Feb 10th
Married to the Graverobber Poem stonesy Feb 10th
TCHOO'S HAIKU COLLECTIONS SIX Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 10th
PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS SIX Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 10th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU 2 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 10th
Fidel Castro Poem truths Feb 10th
Frank McGee Poem truths Feb 10th
Morley Safer Poem truths Feb 10th
Barbara Walters Poem truths Feb 10th
Jim Talent Poem truths 1 Feb 10th
Sununu Poem truths Feb 10th
Norman Coleman Poem truths Feb 10th
George Strickland Poem truths Feb 10th
Thoughts On Nonviolence Poem truths Feb 10th
تبي تنسى Poem asaihati Feb 11th
Untitled Poem biggie Feb 11th
Escort Poem biggie Feb 11th
Of course everythings perfect ... i'm smiling aren't i? Poem dangerous_addiction Feb 11th
no use Poem dangerous_addiction Feb 11th
Teach Me Poem hushbaby Feb 11th
Storm Poem jagedpyro 2 Feb 11th
Pivot Point Poem lillep Devastation Feb 11th
There's No Me Without You Poem mssexyred 1 Being Loved Feb 11th
Gypsy of Seduction Poem mythers 3 Sexual Feb 11th
Like A Child Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 11th
"All-American Dreamings" Poem DaddyO 9-11, dreams, Football, slice of life Feb 11th
"Those Around Me Say" Poem DaddyO New Love Feb 11th
TANKA Poem profrksingh 1 Tanka Feb 11th
HELPLESSNESS Poem profrksingh Poetry/Writing Feb 11th
and... Poem sweetdreams 3 sadness Feb 11th
2-09-03 Monstrosity Poem tangleddreams 1 Dark Feb 11th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU TWO Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 11th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 11th
Why I love you 2-5-03 Poem wrtngal07 1 Bittersweet Feb 11th
Ironic 7-19-00 Poem wrtngal07 Irony Feb 11th
Why me? 8-19-00 Poem wrtngal07 Feb 11th
A date with a guy 2-5-03 Poem wrtngal07 Feb 11th
Back in Five Fold 2-17-00 Poem wrtngal07 Feb 11th
Tears 3-15-00 Poem wrtngal07 Feb 11th
Shadow Poem 41tulips Pain/Sorrow Feb 12th
Hidden Goodness Poem 41tulips friendship Feb 12th
"It Will Be The Last Time" Poem Ilovemyson2005 2 Lost love Feb 12th
"The Opportunity Of Now" Poem Ilovemyson2005 2 Lost love Feb 12th
To Dream..... Poem brokenhope33 Feb 12th
Best Friend Poem casper06 1 Feb 12th
what if, what if... Poem choirgrrl 1 Self-doubt Feb 12th
DOUBLE PENETRATION (A Fantasy) Poem expebonyprincess 6 Sexual Feb 12th
Myself Poem jagedpyro 2 Feb 12th
While We Wait For Our *Permanent* Vacation Poem Starward 4 Faith Feb 12th
'03 My Angel Poem Joel 1 Feb 12th
The River Poem josephus Abstract Feb 12th
Snow Poem josephus Abstract Feb 12th
The Blanket Poem laurmordre Acceptance Feb 12th
Sense This Poem laurmordre Feb 12th
Psy Poem laurmordre Fantasy/Magic Feb 12th
Conscience Conversation Poem lillep Depression Feb 12th
I Can Feel It (Revealing) Poem thapoet Feb 12th
Remember Poem thapoet Feb 12th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 12th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU THREE Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 12th
TCHOO'S PRECIOUS HAIKU COLLECTIONS 7 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Haiku Feb 12th
Break the Circle of Violence Poem truths Feb 12th
Iraq Poem truths Feb 12th
Kerry Health Poem truths Feb 12th
Rick Perry and Jack the Ripper Poem truths 2 Feb 12th
Goodbye...Forever... Poem william_j_miller Goodbye Feb 12th
Ice Heart Poem catclo15 1 Dark Feb 13th
IF YOU ELECT ME PRESIDENT Poem chris Children Feb 13th
Dear Diary Poem gunfire 2 Feb 13th
Shannon Poem jagedpyro 2 Feb 13th
Memories Of You Poem onelilartist 5 Feb 13th
GOD IS NEVER AWAY Poem pangan_l_l 2 Hope Feb 13th
Senryu--THE TURTLE Poem pangan_l_l 1 Human Nature Feb 13th
Haiku--UNDECIDED Poem pangan_l_l 2 Human Nature Feb 13th