Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie

Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie

My trouble has always been

That I'm simply too honest for my own good.

Just because I do what's right,

I assume others also do as they should.

I took for granted that you loved me

When you said those three sweet little words.

How would I know you speak only lies,

Expelling promises like flapping birds?

Betrayal stalks me as a

Mountain lion would follow his wounded prey.

I withdraw into my tortured spirit,

And this time perhaps I will stay.

You speak again declaring love ,

And ecstatic days before we die.

In vain I'm waiting, calm, serene,

As I listen to you lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!

This was written for a friend.

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Good job here Jess. I know just what you mean.

BTW, ignore the previous critic. Some people are so self righteous they need to visit their local church,
temple, shrine or mosque themselves and remember who's in charge of Judgement.

Not to mention, God made us naked in the first place...who are we to hide some of his best works?
LOL Rock on, keep on writing and designing your pages. Your loyal and true fans love it.

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Jessica, if you would not bring this
picture into a temple or church
or mosque.. or shrine
.. please do not bring it
into postpoems

Please treat the bodies God
gave all as temples of Holy Spirit
not as pieces of meat to be advertised

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This is a beautiful poem and a beautiful picture. Pay no attention to those who are small minded, obviously not only anti-american but anti-women and anti-beauty as well.

I love all of your work and the images that you put with them that brings your work to life.
Thank you - oh and watch out for that "porn" - ha ha

Peace and blesings - T