Words Like Wine

Words Like Wine

Intoxicated by your voice

I stagger in your spell.

No one knows the things you say,

And I will NEVER tell.

Your finer graces paint my world

With romance so sublime,

I feel I live a time-warped life,

Another place and time.

The syllables and sounds I hear

When you convey your heart,

Give me a heady feeling yet,

I swear I'm in the dark.

Words embibed from your sweet lips

Inebriate my mind.

You have a power, Lyricist,

To captivate in kind.

Drunken to a lethal dose,

I break a hundred laws.

Words like wine have captured me,

In letter, phrase, and clause.

Must I intoxicated sway

Beneath this veil you've caused?

A voyeur in the film of life,

My VCR on "paused"?

I read you like an open book,

To words like wine a prey.

I put myself in straights tonight.

I'm joining Word "AA".

Your life may be as full and sweet

As the barrel after rains,

But words like wine from your sweet pen

Deliver different pain.

To live a lifetime looking for

The words that fill your mind,

Then know that they were not for me,

Is loathesome and unkind.

My wretched heart though bleeding sore,

Still beats within my breast.

As I now leave your words like wine,

I'll do so in distress.

No sweeter mem'ry fills my heart

Than our communique.

Farewell, thou Master of the Wine.

I say adieu today.

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JM's picture

Hellow there.

Jess's picture

Jessica AKA

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Jess

It is such a beautiful poem! The graphics is out of this world – exquisitely done like only a true artist can do it! This is what poetry is all about – the enchantment of poetry, music and a beautiful picture combined!

I love it!

Greeting from afar


David Richardson's picture

This poem is very beautifully written with so much feeling and expressiveness. I love the way you rythm your phrases and the meaning you place with each of your carefully selected words. What a very beautiful poem to come from your beautiful thoughts from mind to paper. Jessica,thank you for sharing this poem with me.

Dave Richardson